Scorsese to direct Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio stars


Martin Scorsese will direct The Wolf of Wall Street, it was announced today. The film will be distributed by Red Granite Pictures and will mark the fifth collaboration between the director and “my shinier, handsomer, blonder Robert DeNiro” Leonardo DiCaprio (not an actual quote).

Wolf is an adaptation of the memoirs of twentieth century financial hotshot Jordan Belfort. The screenplay will be handled by Terence Winter, who won two Emmys on The Sopranos and is currently creator and showrunner of Boardwalk Empire. Red Granite co-founder, Riza Aziz, says “The Wolf of Wall Street is about the rise of new ‘modern’ gangsters in New York.”

It certainly sounds like a nice fit for all involved: Scorsese with his decades of gangster and crime credentials; DiCaprio who has many times portrayed slick, self-destructive American tycoons; and Winter, who showed uncanny insight into the nefarious world of commerce in penning 50 Cent classic Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Production begins in August. This is one film I’m sure will… occupy audiences (political satire!).

[via Deadline]