Sean Bean time travels to present for Devil’s Peak


Living anachronism Sean Bean is set to play alcoholic detective Benny Griessel in Devil’s Peak, based on the South African novel. The first of a planned trilogy, Peak will be followed by adaptations of author Deon Meyer’s 13 Hours and 7 Days, all originally written and published in Afrikaans.

Bean, known mostly to audiences as Boromir in the Lord of the Rings films and Ned Stark in Game of Thrones (as well as Richard Sharpe in a seemingly endless series of ITV historical films), will likely portray Griessel’s helplessness at the hands of his addiction while attempting to catch a serial killer by channeling his own discombobulation at playing a character who does not dress in furs or wield a broadsword.

Devil’s Peak films later this year in Cape Town, and will certainly test my mettle if I try to coolly assert that I can hear Bean’s Sheffield accent penetrating his South African.

[via Variety]