Secret Six gets a TV series at CBS and not through DC Universe


Comic book adaptations are all the rage today, yet I don’t think anyone was expecting CBS to announce that they just ordered a pilot for a TV series based on DC’s “Secret Six” series. The series is somewhat similar to “Suicide Squad”, where a group of villains areblackmailed into working together to accomplish some unknown task. The difference here is that the person responsible for bringing the Secret Six together, Mockingbird, is more than likely another DC villain that is using the group for some nefarious purposes without getting their hands dirty. Previous members of the Secret Six have been Catman, Deadshot, Bane, the Ventriloquist, King Shark, Black Alice, and even the Elongated Man just to name a few. 

What’s really surprising to me is that CBS is the network that’s going to be producing the pilot for their own services instead of Warner Bros. putting it up on DC Universe. The pilot is set to be written and produced by Rick Muirragui of “Suits” fame while also being executive produced by Bill Lawrence, who you may know for writing “Scrubs”, also known as the best 2000’s sitcom of all time. As of right now, there’s no indication whether the series will premiere on CBS All Access or cable TV. 

Look, I’m just happy to get more “Secret Six” in my life. The series was canceled twice despite critical acclaim because of DC’s line-wide reboot, The New 52, and low sales when it was revived a few years later, but there was nothing else quite like it on comic book stands. Then when you add an excellent writer to the mix like Gail Simone, nothing can stop it. You know, except DC. Because DC likes to kill fun. 

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