See 10 minutes of John Carter an entire 4 days early


Is your anticipation for John Carter so dire that you sleep in just to make time pass by faster? Do you wake up every morning thinking today is finally March 8th, but once you realize it isn’t a sense of dread overcomes you for the rest of the day? Have you been watching the first season of Friday Night Lights and imagining that Tim Riggins is really John Carter in an alternate unvierse? Have you been calling suicide hotlines and pestering the operators with thoughts and hopes for the John Carter movie? Well relax, we’ve got your fix.

Disney has given us (nay, GRACED US) with the first 10 minutes of the John Carter movie. I never can quite understand why releasing the first 10-15 minutes of a movie early is a trend nowadays, but who am I to neglect those who can’t wait four days. My heart goes out for those those suffering from John Carter-viculitis.