See Monsters University early and free


All right time to get the kids, pack them up and bring them to grandma’s because you’re going to watch some Monsters University. Kid’s movie? No frickin’ way. You know you’re going to enjoy it more, and anyway our passes are only for two so you’ll avoid fights over who gets to go. The screening is June 17 so if grandma is busy that day book a sitter or… you know, leave em alone in the house. They’ll be fine.

This giveaway is through SeeItFirst, which is Disney’s version of Gofobo, so you’ll do the same thing you normally do except different. Click the link you find below and that will take you to our special Flixist page where you can get your passes easy.

Screening Info

Monday, June 17
7:30 PM
Regal Majestic


Matthew Razak
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