See the DKR prologue early from Operation Early Bird


If you head over to Operation Early Bird, you’ll find a map with a bunch of green dots. Each one of those dots is an IMAX theater playing the Dark Knight Rises prologue early, for free. Find a dot and click on “Get Tickets,” and you’ll be sent off to Gofobo to register for passes to see the IMAX prologue early!

Be prepared to wait and deal with poorly-loading website. I’d recommend going to regular, logging in, and then click the Get Tickets link on Operation Early Bird. It’s through Gofobo, so be prepared to get to the theater REALLY early and wait around. I’m checking this out at the AMC at Citywalk here in LA, and I’ll be getting in line right after work, around 6:15, and waiting until 10:00PM.

Check it out, if you can, and write us up a c-blog, if you see it, and tell us what you think!