See tourists get terrorized by dinos in this new Jurassic World TV spot

Jurassic World - The Park Is Open June 12 (TV Spot 2) (HD)

Universal released a new teaser TV spot for Jurrasic World today that gives more of a glimpse at some of the horrors within Jurrassic World. It looks like the dinosaurs are evolving in unexpected ways yet again, but this time its a bit more threatening than finding new ways to repopulate.

As we get a little closer to Jurasssic World’s release, I’m actually pretty excited to see a new take on the Jurrassic Park universe in this post geek-chic movie world. With comedic action star Chris Pratt headlining, the movie looks like it wants to have some good old fashioned fun with dinosaurs and motorcycles when compared to oft maligned sequels to the original. Just getting to see the dinosaurs going nuts in a theme park should be more than enough to please audiences just looking for a good time.

Jurrassic World releases in theaters on June 12th.