Seth Gordon bails on directing Horrible Bosses sequel


Fans of office homicide are in for some sad news: Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon has backed out of manning the camera for Horrible Bosses 2: The Bossening. Or…whatever they’re gonna call it. 

But, like any responsible grownup, Gordon didn’t leave his job on Horrible Bosses 2: Boss Harder until he had another one lined up. Word on the street is that after a good old-fashioned two-week bidding war, he’ll be working with NBC to develop a “relationship comedy” called Marry Me for the upcoming fall TV season.

In doing so, Gordon joins what seems to be a growing number of feature filmmakers who have, in recent years, turned (or in some cases RE-turned) to television for their creative outlets. See also: Derek Haas (Chicago Fire) Dan Harmon (Community) and Joss Whedon (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). 

There is, of course, a larger discussion to have regarding this; one in which we examine the ever-shrinking numbers of big Hollywood feature releases, and how the data thereof seems inversely proportional to the increased numbers in television. Numbers that have no doubt in part been fed by the explosion of original cable programming, and the high-quality original content that’s been developed by streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

But, I’m honestly not really sure I have the energy to undertake that discussion just now. It’d be an inexcusable digression, anyway. Point is, Horrible Bosses 2: Electric Bossaloo is on the hunt for someone new to helm the ship. 

Further dispatches as events warrant.

[Via Deadline Hollywood.]