Seven PsychoCATS wins all of the awards, forever


Seven PsychoCATS Trailer HD

Seven PsychoCATS is a mock trailer, directed by Jim Tozzi, of the Seven Psychopaths trailer released some time ago…except this time with cats in it. Right now I don’t even care how good Seven Psychopaths turns out to be (it’s going to great, are you kidding me?), I’m going to watch the movie and think about these cats. I don’t even like cats that much. 

What really won me over though was when the cat standing in for Sam Rockwell does the shooty motion thing. It’s so damn cuuuuute. Um…*cough* I mean, um, boobs, America, the NFL…manly stuff yeah. And if you’re interested in more Seven PsychoCATS, you can find the Red Band version at this link (since it forbids embedding).

[via YouTube]