Shane Acker to run a train with Thomas the Tank Engine


Were you a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends when you were a kid? I hated the majority of shows on Chicago’s WTTW because they were too educational and moralistic (outside of a few exceptions, like Arthur and Sesame Street). Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends was one of the shows I couldn’t stand, possibly due to my distaste for British entertainment. However, my younger cousin was really into the show, so it was around me for a few years.

Apparently, Thomas and his locomotive buddies are still relevant to young audiences because a live-action film is being greenlit for production. Furthermore, 9 director Shane Acker is confirmed to direct. This should be an interesting combination, considering how bleak and dark 9 was. However, Deadline reports that Acker will keep to the same tone as the TV show.

Any of you out there with kids who are absolutely enamored with Thomas, James, Percy, and the rest of his friends?

[via Deadline]