Should films be changed in response to real-world events?

Should films be changed in response to real-world events? - The (Movie) Question

Low turnout this week, but The (Movie) Question moves forever forward. And it really had to, because this week we unveil the new introduction animation created by community member Jordan Mann, who is awesome. Also, it’s in HD. So that’s cool. Assuming that this becomes the new norm, I should never need to give an update on behind the scenes stuff again, and I can just get right into the question itself. Isn’t that exciting? Yes it is.

As with last week, this question was inspired by a bit of news that we didn’t cover, specifically the fact that Zack Snyder will not be changing Man of Steel‘s tornado set piece in response to the disasters in Oklahoma. This is opposed to Gangster Squad, which had a pivotal scene rewritten in the face of the theater shooting in Aurora last year.

Even if it was really too late in the game for Man of Steel to have been changed anyhow, what (if any) reaction filmmakers should have in the wake of tragedy is nonetheless an interesting question to consider.

So we’ve said our piece. What do you all think?

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