Silent Hill is getting a sequel


Silent Hill is a video game classic. The movie was a soggy bag of crap with a Pyramid Head cameo. However,Shock Till You Drop is reporting that a sequel is being prepped, titled Silent Hill: Revelations, to be written and directed by Solomon Kane-helmer Michael J. Bassett, despite lots of issues in getting it off the ground.

What has me slightly hopeful is the intention that the new film will follow Silent Hill 3’s plot. Silent Hill 3involves Heather Mason, daughter of the original Silent Hill’s protagonist, as she disappears into the world of, yep, a crazy little town called Silent Hill while investigating her father’s appearing. She also may or may not be pregnant with God. As much as I’d like to see an adaptation of Silent Hill 2 instead, this is legitimately kinda cool.

Also, yes, it is in 3D. Do people still get angry about this?

[Via Shock till you Drop]