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The Dark Knight Rises is out this week. You may have heard of it. It's got Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy...talk about your beefcake bonanza, right? Well, there are a few ladies present to break up the sausage party, least of which being Anne Hathaway.

She'll be playing Selina Kyle (jury's out on whether or not she'll be referred to as Catwoman), the sexy, sultry cat-thief that worms her way into Bruce Wayne's heart. But we're not here to talk about Catwoman. We're here to talk about Ms. Hathaway and how fine she is. Because if we can all agree on one thing, it's that she is fine.

Please, do join me as I bring you up to speed on what makes Anne Hathaway the hottest actress to done the black leather suit to date.  

Name: Anne Jacqueline Hathawa

Birthday: November 12th, 1982 (29)

Partial filmography: HavocBrokeback MountainLove and Other Drugs, The Dark Knight Rises (view her IMDb page here)

Background:  Born in Brooklyn to Gerald (a lawyer) and Kathleen (an actress), Anne Hathaway was the family's middle child, nestled between two brothers (Michael the elder and Thomas the younger).

At six, the Hathaway clan moved to New Jersey, and despite that fairly large handicap imposed upon her, Anne still managed to flourish.

Inspired by her mother, Anne participated in many school plays throughout high school and eventually became the first teenager to be admitted into the Barrow Group Theater Company's acting program. 

Anne made her screen debut in 2001 as the titular princess in The Princess Diaries, having beaten out over 500 either girls for the part. Later that year, she appeared as Jane in Disney's Mormon drama The Other Side of Heaven (the film was actually filmed before The Princess Diaries, but Disney hoped to coast on the success of Diaries. It didn't go exactly as planned). From there, she enjoyed a fairly meteoric rise and after Ella Enchanted, she moved more towards serious projects like Havoc and Brokeback Mountain

In early 2011 it was announced she would play Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which she followed with a mediocre job hosting the 83rd annaul Academy Awards in 2010 opposite a totally-not-stoned James Franco. Even with that tremendously disappointing performance, Hathaway continues to pull in meaty roles in films like One Day and Les Miserables.

What the futures holds remains to be seen, but if the past few years are any indication, it will include some nice nude scenes nestled into serious dramas.

Best feature: Her hair.

Anne Hathaway has really nice hair. I kind of want to brush it and shampoo it and style it. If that makes me weird, so be it. The fact stands that she has really nice hair. It even looks good with bangs.

Hottest Role: Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Lots of sex and nudity. What more could you ask for from an actress? Yes, it's sad, but there's boobies and lots of them.

Where I'd take her on a date: Anne Hathaway seems like a classy lady. Laser tag is not going to work with her.

First, I'd book a nice restaurant in advance. The ladies love reservations. Then I'd pick her up in a horse-drawn carriage, some real Princess Diaries kinda stuff. We'd roll up to the restaurant, something with a French name probably because that spells F-A-N-C-Y, and I'd open the door for her like a real gentleman.

After that, I'd order a slammin' bottle of red wine (white wine is for scrubs) and something vegetarian for the lady. To really impress her, I'd also get something vegetarian, because good first impressions are worth a little sacrifice. I'll make it up to the Meat Gods later in the evening by Fourth Meal-ing a big pile of marinated steak wrapped in bacon.

After dinner, we'll go for a walk in the park and WHAT'S THIS!? A four-string quartet? Has this guy pulled out all the stops? Survey says hell yes. So we have a private dance under the stars to a four-string quartet. What happens after is anybody's guess, but hopefully it'd end in me having sex with Catwoman. 

In conclusion: Slender, beautiful, okay with nudity: Anne Hathaway is the perfect example of a leading lady. She doesn't have qualms with showing some skin on screen, and that's probably because her body is terrific. She's talented as hell and even at her worst, she shines. One can only presume she'd be one of those girls your mother would love for you to bring home. I would even reckon she owns a china set somewhere. What a classy dame.

Don't miss her in The Dark Knight Rises this Friday. She's the one in the black leather outfit. I doubt they'll actually call her "Catwoman," but hey, tight leather catsuit.

Also, enjoy the gallery! I was tasked with trimming the original 110+ pictures to just the very best, so I hope you enjoy! Holy boners, Batman!

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