Some poor intern appears to be making a Twitter thread of every piece of Disney+ content


There are more than 800 shows and movies that are going to be on Disney+ when it launches in November and the streaming service appears to want to make sure that every last one of them has a Tweet. To that end they’ve tasked some poor social media intern with the job of Tweeting out Tweet containing the title, year, and an image of every show and movie… in chronological order. Just check out the thread below and depending on when you read this you’ll catch them adding more. 

Now, maybe it’s not every piece of content. I’m not about to go through there and count but at the time of this writing they were just hitting the early 2000s (so many 90s Marvel cartoons) and were up to nearly 300 Tweets. That puts them on pace to list everything, especially as there’s plenty of new content coming to the platform as well. Seriously, scrolling through that feed is like a walk down memory lane and also there’s a lot more Jonathan Taylor Thomas than I would have thought. That kid was huge in the 90s and Diseny put him in everything. 

Matthew Razak
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