Sony Pictures to release new Spider-Man film every year


With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting theaters this May, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 confirmed for a 2016 release date, a Venom spinoff announced, and a Sinister Six film in it’s early stages, Sony seems keen on rapidly expanding the Spider-Man franchise. Initial reports suggest that we may get a new red and blue arachnid movie every year following the third installment of Amazing.

Spin all of this up with Sam Raimi’s previous fizzled-out trilogy, and one might think it’s a bit of a long-shot for Sony to rely on the Spider-Man series as its first big screen franchise. Spider-Man 3 may not have been a fiscal failure, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s widely considered to be spectacularly terrible in almost every way. However, if director Marc Webb can keep up the momentum of The Amazing Spider-Man through it’s third installment, fans may crave a yearly dose of our favorite eight legged superhero. Just try to keep the villain-to-movie ratio down a bit this time around, okay?…Maybe?…Bueller?

[Source: Collider]