Sony’s Gran Turismo is getting a movie for some reason


I can only assume because Fast & Furious has become such a successful franchise, that other franchises that happen to involve cars think they can reach the same success. Case in point, Sony’s line of Playstation videogames in the Gran Turismo racing series. 

Much like Dreamworks’ take on Need for Speed, Sony’s Gran Turismo movie will probably involve some kind of racing as folks possibly use cars to do things (there’s no real information on the film other than it’s going to be produced by the same folks working on Fifty Shades of Grey). So there you go. Anyone interested in Gran Turismo (I never was as I’m more of an “arcade-y racer,” like Rush 2049, type)? It might be good to see car porn fully realized in motion beyond the videogames. 

[via The Wrap]