Spike Jonze’s Her pushed back because Oscars


Looks like Warner Bros. is pretty confident in the quality of Her, as we all probably should be considering the trailer looked great. They’ve decided to bump the film’s opening from November 20 to a limited release in New York, L.A., and Toronto on December 18. The film will then open wider on January 10th.

Why are they doing this? Because it will give it a boost in its Oscar legs. Having the movie open this year and then open wider next means that it will still be fresh in people’s minds when Oscar voting rolls around. With Spike Jonze directing and Joaquin Phoenix starring as a man who falls in love with a computer it’s hard to imagine this won’t at least get a few nods. 

We’ll hopefully be checking the movie out when it closes the New York Film Festival this year.

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Matthew Razak
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