Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake delayed until November


While Spike Lee is having enough trouble getting folks to donate to his $1.25 million dollar Kickstarter to reboot Vampire in Brooklyn (If you donate 10,000 like Steven Soderbergh, then you’ll get to watch a New York Knickerbockers game with Lee in his wife Tanya’s seat, sho nuff!), now his remake of Oldboy (which may or may not be a remake at all) just got hit with a small delay. 

Instead of releasing October 15th, it’s now releasing November 27th (Thanksgiving weekend). There’s no reason given behind the delay, but a month doesn’t seem like a long enough period to get worried over anything. Maybe they were afraid Oldboy would get eaten up by strict October compe- sorry I can’t keep writing that sentence as delays always happen because some last minute problem needed to be addressed. SHO NUFF. 

[via Collider]