Splinter Cell adaptation gets Bourne Identity director


The last we heard of Ubisoft and New Regency’s Splinter Cell adaptation (back in 2012) it had a writer and Tom Hardy was set to star, and it looks like it’s finally moving forward again. The project itself has been in limbo for quite some time (but recently started making headway when Ubisoft decided to make a big push toward the big screen with all of its properties), but now it has a director and is pretty set to go. 

Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith) is in final negotiations to direct the feature with New Regency eyeing an August production start and 2015 release. Now that it’s happening, do you want a Splinter Cell film? It’s being handled by a capable action director, so it could certainly be worse. But videogame movies don’t exactly have the best track record either. 

[via THR]