Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One has first look image


Now, in our continued round-the-clock coverage of the forthcoming Steven Spielberg adaption of novel Ready Player One, by Ernst Cline, we have breaking news!

EW revealed an exclusive first look image from the highly anticipated sci-fi flick, featuring the film’s hero Wade Watts, aka Parzival (Tye Sheridan, X-Men Apocalypse) inside his hideout, and boy oh boy did they typecast poor Tye Sheridan. From this day forth, he shall only be cast as a man wearing a visor–sort of limiting really. As a huge fan of the book, I’m going to begin my griping with Wade’s very skinny self. As a young man who spends nearly all of his waking time in a virtual reality world eating junk food, he should not fit in those skinny jeans, and indeed, the book doesn’t pretend he would. Hollywood, people come in all shapes and sizes–don’t cookie cut everything!

It’s really an incidental point, actually. And probably eliminates the need to deal with the weightless transformation that happens later in the book. But then, I suppose my big qualm with this is that this doesn’t look like 2045. This could be today with any kid hanging out in a junkyard wearing a pair of Occulus glasses and old ski gloves. Disappointing. Looking forward to seeing the gameplay side of this and how many licensed properties Spielberg got the rights to use in the film (as the book references a great many).

What do you think? Should Wade be fat? Does it look like they phoned the future in in favor of a more nostalgic, Stranger-Things-ish vibe? Let us know below!



[via EW]