Strange(r) teaser from J.J. Abrams


So just watch the teaser (I think that’s what it is) above for… well, we’re not sure what for. J.J. Abrams, who loves to be secretive and do ARG stuff with his films, put this out supposedly teasing his production company’s next film. It’s not very clear what it is and all we get is a hint with the videos name, “Stranger.”

I think we can rule out one thing: Star Wars. Unless Bad Robot, Abrams’ production company, is taking the franchise in a drastically different direction this has nothing to do with it. It could just be a short film, but I doubt it’s nothing at all. The voice-over is damn cool, leading me to believe that this is one of those things where the build up is going to be better than the reveal. 

Now that you’ve seen it what the hell do you think it is?

Matthew Razak
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