Stream Clint Mansell’s score for Park Chan-wook’s Stoker


Park Chan-wook’s American debut Stoker comes out at the end of the week, and you can now listen to the film’s full soundtrack online. The majority of the music is from Clint Mansell, best known for his scores on Requiem for a Dream, Pi, and The Fountain, as well as his work with the band Pop Will Eat Itself.

In addition to Mansell’s work, the Stoker soundtrack also features a piece by Philip Glass and a closing song by Emily Wells. Not included on the soundtrack: “Stoked” by The Beach Boys. Might not fit with the tone.

Check out the soundtrack to Stoker after the cut. Also below are three clips from the film. Stoker comes out March 1st.

Stoker Soundtrack

STOKER: "The Sheriff Comes Calling"

STOKER: "Mother-Daughter Time"



Hubert Vigilla
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