Swamp Thing premieres this Friday, trailer goes hard on the horror elements

Swamp Thing | Full Trailer | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership

DC has premiered a new trailer for its Swamp Thing TV series and it goes hard on the horror elements. Looking like a proper summer blockbuster, we get a dark aesthetic, jump scares, convoluted talk about “evil things” happening in the swamp, and a quick shot of the creature in action. It’s all hype inducing and coldly calculated to bring the maximum amount of excitement before release.

The series, which was cancelled before it even aired, will begin streaming on DC’s subscription service this Friday, May 31. New episodes will premiere weekly for a few months that hopefully lead to a revival. It’s odd that DC is going in on promoting this when we already know the show is done, but maybe its popularity will get some executives to rethink that choice.

Swamp Thing | Full Trailer [DC via YouTube]

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