The Animated 'Bartkira' Trailer is Finally Here

It's been teased for a few months, but the group behind the fan-favorite Bartkira comic gallery project has unveiled a fully animated parody trailer for a fictional movie based on the infamous crossover of The Simpsons and Akira. The traile...


Live-action Akira is back on with Jaume Collet-Serra

Way back in January 2012 we reported that the live-action remake of Akira had been put on hold in order to rework the script and lower the film's budget. Looks like the script has been sufficiently tweaked and production could begin in spri...


Bartkira - a mashup of The Simpsons and Akira

Artists James Harvey and Ryan Humphrey have concocted what may be the greatest artistic mashup ever. Somewhere these guys came up with the brilliant idea of retelling the story of famed Japanese manga and anime Akira ... with The Simpsons c...


Storyboards from Albert Hughes's live-action Akira remake

The live-action remake of Akira has been kind of dead since the beginning of 2012 due to script/budget issues. Recently, some storyboard art emerged from Albert Hughes's abandoned production of the film, and a lot of it looks faithful in de...


Live-action Akira remake not dead yet, feels happy

Remember in Ghostbusters when Venkman says "This chick is toast," they neutronize Gozer, and then Stay Puft shows up? Well, that's kind of what's happening with the live-action Akira remake. It looked pretty much dead yesterday, but no, it'...


Live-action Akira remake is now dead again probably

Back when the live-action Akira remake was greenlit in October, I jokingly predicted that news of delays would show up by late December. Turns out I was close. Warner Brothers has stopped production on Akira in order to cut the $90 million ...


Ken Watanabe in talks for Akira, whitewash problem fixed

In a move that is sure to appease Hubert (pictured above) and the rest of the "white-washing" naysayers, Japanese actor Ken Watanabe is reportedly in talks to play The Colonel in the upcoming Akira adaptation. For those who haven't seen the...


Eight possible Tetsuos considered for doomed Akira remake

The live-action American version of Akira continues to hurtle itself toward the big screen like a Brazil-sized asteroid that will wipe out humankind. There's been word of Garrett Hedlund being offered the Kaneda role and Kristen Stewart bei...


The Flixist Show #3: Those Krokodil Blues

We have a surprisingly on point show today, where we discuss the new Twilight movie, the Akira remake, the new phenomenon of splitting up movies into two, and krokodil. Here's a good idea, guys. Don't look up krokodil. It's probably respons...


Kristen Stewart offered female lead in live-action Akira

With production on the live-action Akira moving ahead, more casting speculation arrives, and lo it doth sparkle. The female lead in the film has been officially offered to Kirsten Stewart. The Twilight star is currently working on the fanta...


Oldman and Bonham Carter offered roles in Akira

Last week, the American remake of Akira got greenlit, securing a budget of $90 million and director Jaume Collet-Serra. Garrett Hedlund is a front-runner for one of the leads, and additional casting speculation has emerged given the product...


Live-action Akira remake greenlit and moving forward

The live-action American remake of Akira continues its on-again, off-again ill-advised trek to the big screen. As of now, Warner Bros. has greenlit the film. Budgeted at $90 million, production is set to begin in February or March of 2012.&...


Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art book

For years now, Gallery 1988 in Los Angles, California has been establishing itself as the go-to gallery for all art things related to pop culture. We at Flixist recently featured their exhibit with artist Olly Moss, that was pop culture sat...


Akira poster abridges the entire classic anime

[As originally posted on Japanator] Call me a sucker for montage posters, but this is one awesome tribute to anime classic Akira. The poster contains almost every major event from the film, so even considering all the stuff left out from th...


Uncharted and Akira adaptions both lose their directors

Depending on where you fall on the debate of video game and anime movie adaptions, I've got either some good news, or some bad news. The directors for both the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie and the live-action Akira movie have left their...


Keanu Reeves not in Akira; is still sad

Well, this is good news for those who are against the white-washing of Akira. JoBlo got the official word today that Keanu Reeves will not be playing Kenada in Warner Bros.' big budget adaptation of the influential manga. This is after Brad...


Brad Pitt and Mila Kunis turn down live action Akira film

Back in November we got a slap in the face when we heard Zac Efron was in talks for the lead role in Akira. Then another slap in the face earlier in February when James Franco became a possible candidate for Kaneda's roll. Now a Fibonacci p...


Rumor: James Franco to star in Akira adaptation

We’ve reported quite a bit on the the live-action adaptation of beloved manga/anime Akira. Likewise, we’ve reported quite a bit on James Franco and the slew of roles he’s been offered. It’s only right that on this day, the two woul...


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