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Flixist on Youtube- Top 3 Spider-Man Movies Ever

Who is best Spider-Man of all-time? Spoiler Alert- It is not Andrew Garfield! I talk about my three favorite Spider-Man movies of all-time. Tobey is included, Jake Gyllenhaal might have swung my vote, and my favorite movie of last year make...


Review: Under the Silver Lake

The fixation with Los Angeles in a lot of films shouldn’t really come as much of a shock. In a city that manufactures dreams and drama, there’s got to be some stories worth telling, right? Hell of an understatement there, van de...


Andrew Garfield loses his mind in Under the Silver Lake

In his follow-up to 2014's It Follows, director David Robert Mitchell pivots to a neo-noir thriller surrounding a sudden disappearance and one man's impulsive, conspiracy-addled search. Starring Andrew Garfield, the film portends an Illumi...


Tom Hardy likes cosplay, especially Venom.

Last we heard on the Venom movie front, Andrew Garfield was still the defacto Spider-Man, Spider-Man had not shown up in the Marvel cinematic universe, and Sony had not learned it was more lucrative to play nice with Marvel than hold their ...

Hacksaw Ridge photo

First trailer for Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson isn't a good guy. He's also a really talented director. This kind of sucks because it's hard to watch his stuff without being sick with yourself for watching his stuff. I'm running into that problem after watching the trailer for...

Flixist Discusses photo

Flixist Community Discusses: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Thanks to the Spider-Man property's massive popularity, talking about its movies are the most fun. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already started out in a hole since it seemed like a cynical sequel to Sony's original cynical property ho...

Spider-Man 2 Review photo

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first Amazing Spider-Man failed to live up to the "Amazing" in its title. But while it wasn't perfect, it certainly had potential to become something great. Like with most superhero franchises, there's always a promise of better stories...


Warning: Possible Spider-Man 2 spoilers ahead

This is a weird one.  It's weird in that it seems to be a medium-obvious spoiler for an upcoming film. But the reason it's a "spoiler" is because it may allude to a decades-old story...Especially for anyone who likes Spider-Man. W...


First set pics from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Looks like Andrew Garfield is putting that new suit to good use, at least if these new pics from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are anything to go by. There not particularly action packed, and some are pretty damn blurry, but it's...


Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb coming back for Spider-Man 2

For a while there, Marc Webb sounded like he wasn't going to return to direct the sequel to The Just Okay Maybe Good Spider-Man released earlier this year due to "obstacles." Mainly that Webb owed 20th Century Fox at least one more movie, b...


Spidey takes down a car thief in this Spider-Man clip

I'm not gonna lie. I haven't really been feeling the Amazing Spider-Man movie at all. I don't like the fact that we're telling Spider-Man's origin story again, just a decade after the first movie with Tobey Maguire was released. And d...


Amazing Spider-Man website launches with plot synopsis

The website for next year's The Amazing Spider-Man has launched with material including character shots, among them Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors and the funny and gorgeous Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, and plot and character synopses offering a l...


Dig these silky Spider-threads

Because spider webs and silk DO YOU GET IT. Ahem. In the gallery below, you can find the newest closeups of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in next year's reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. Not looking good, really. These are official shots, mind...


Spider-Man set photos confirm Oscorp, hipster glasses

A new set of images from The Amazing Spider-Man has been revealed, but it's no big deal. Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker is seen rocking a pair of hipster glasses and there's a sign which confirms that Norman's Osborne company Oscorp will be...


Agents say American men are wusses, Brits all heroic

According to Hollywood talent agents questioned by Vulture (via The AV Club), the reason that Brits are taking all the top superhero roles is because American men are all mollycoddled and feminised, whereas Brits are hard-working, sporty an...


First pics of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Total Film have posted the first pics of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker from the set of Sony's upcoming Spider-Man reboot. That's him above, becoming the envy of all men everywhere by engaging in a quick snog with the funny and gorgeous E...


London Film Festival Review: Never Let Me Go

This adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go instilled in me a great desire to pick up the book as soon as possible. Unfortunately this was not down to the film being especially accomplished, but because much of my time in the cinema...


London Film Festival: Opening Night Gala report

The casino sitesi 54th BFI London Film Festival kicked off last Wednesday with the cinematic adaptation of Kazuo Ishigura's novel Never Let Me Go as its Opening casino Gala event. The screening was attended by the insanely attractive trip...


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