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Review: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

I have very mixed emotions towards 2014's Maleficent. On one hand, it was a modern reimagining of Sleeping Beauty that seemed to focus on the best aspects of that original movie by casting a fantastic actress in the title role while simulta...


The Eternals will kick off the MCU's Phase Four in 2020

Straight from San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Studios has unveiled the first official details on The Eternals, the cosmic romp set to start setting the stage for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Four. What, you didn't think these movies we...


Full Maleficent: Mistress of Evil trailer out now

Time to go on another exciting ride with Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and this time things are seriously heating up. The full trailer finally made its debut this morning and it looks amazing. Aurora is finally getting her happily ever afte...


Marvel gets Angelina too, may star in 'The Eternals'

Well, they sort of proclaimed it in Black Panther when Marvel told Kendrick Lamar to write a song about how they'll get "all of the stars." Seems they weren't joking. Marvel's latest catch is none other Maleficent herself, Angelina Jol...


First look Alicia Vikander as new Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

It's been a long time and many children later since Angelina Jolie donned the tank top and short shorts of Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider. So, needless to say, we are owed, nay due a remake, or a reboot, or a relaunch, or something. I forgot o...


Disney eyes a sequel to Maleficent

Love it or hate it, Disney's Maleficent was a massive success – it almost quadrupled its budget when it hit theaters last year and more or less set Disney on its current "live-action remake" trajectory. So it shouldn't come as any sur...

Unbroken Review photo

Review: Unbroken

Unbroken is the first film directed by Angelina Jolie. That alone has given it a lot of hype, but it's easy to understand why it would be pushing at Oscars anyway. It's base on the true story of a WWII hero and Oscar just eats up histo...

Maleficent Review photo

Review: Maleficent

I've been anticipating Maleficent for a long time. As a big Disney fan, I don't usually like when Disney decides to make a live action version of one of their properties (101 Dalmations is worse than you remember, trust me), but casting Ang...

Maleficent photo

Maleficent gets some dreamy looking character posters

I didn't bring this up in our big Summer Preview (because I've said this many times before), but I'm really looking forward to Disney's Maleficent. It's just oozing with style. I mean, get a load of these character posters for the film. The...

Maleficent photo

These Maleficent images are just so pretty

I honestly can't express how excited I am for Maleficent. I'm a huge fan of the Disney Princess films (I'm a Princess at heart, you know), and a fan of Angelina Jolie, so Maleficent is like a peanut butter meets chocolate situation for me. ...

Movie Monday - 3/24/14 photo

Movie Monday for March 24, 2014

Its been a while but we are back, and now with a physical set! So much news has happened while we where away as well as SXSW, which you should already be checking up on here at Flixist.      


New image of Angelina Jolie and daughter in 'Maleficent'

As previously covered, Angelina Jolie's daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, has been cast to play toddler Princess Aurora in Robert Stromberg's upcoming film Maleficent. The first image of young Vivienne posing with Jolie's Maleficent has h...

Movie Monday - 2/3/14 photo

Movie Monday for February 03, 2014

Hey movie fans, Super Bowl has come and gone, and we got all the trailers and movie info that might have gotten buried while you were drinking the big game away.

Maleficent Trailer 3 photo

Newest Maleficent trailer is the dreamiest one yet

The third trailer for Maleficent has to be the best one yet, or at the very least, the most interesting. It has different footage from the other two (or is at least cut in such a way that I didn't notice), Angelina Jolie is still delicious...

Movie Monday - 1/27/14 photo

Movie Monday for January 27, 2014

Welcome Movie Fan! How is your hang over? Hurts? Too Bad! It's time for Movie Monday! Strap in and get your week started with the movie news you might have missed!

Maleficent Trailer 2 photo

Angelina Jolie is horny in second Maleficent trailer

Because of Frozen, I've come to expect more out of Disney's princess films in a desperate hope that they can keep the momentum going. Their first immediate attempt is Maleficent, the live action spin-off prequel thing starring Angelina Jol...

Maleficent Trailer photo

First trailer for Disney's Maleficent is invited to party

Maleficent's one of Disney's most evil and cool looking villains. In Sleeping Beauty, she curses a baby because she wasn't invited to a party. And when it didn't go well, she turned into a cool looking dragon for no reason other than being...


First poster for Maleficent is sufficient

On a scale of 1 to "Not Wearing Pants" I am currently at "Partially Disrobed" over my excitement for the upcoming Maleficent from Disney. We've had a peak at what Angelina Jolie is going to look like as the evil queen of Sleeping Beaut...


Coen Brothers to rewrite Angelina Jolie's Unbroken

Angelina Jolie has enlisted Joel and Ethan Coen to rewrite her WWII drama Unbroken. The film is adapted from Laura Hillenbrand's 2010 book of the same name that chronicles the life of WWII POW Lou Zamperini. According to The Hollywood Repor...


Angelina Jolie's daughter is kid Aurora in Maleficent

Disney’s Maleficent, the Sleeping Beauty prequel that explains why Maleficent was mad when she wasn’t invited to a baby shower (women be crazy, am I right fellas?), has been going along smoothly for some time now. Disney announc...


Rumor: Angelina Jolie directing hot BDSM porn 50 Shades

When she was young and her heart was an open book, Angelina Jolie liked nothing more than regaling us common folk with tales of her barmy sexual escapades. These days, she has a ridiculously handsome husband, a multicoloured family, and lim...


Disney's Maleficent gets a release date

Cashing in on the fairy tale craze, Disney has announced the release date for Maleficent, the studio's retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The film is slated to hit theaters on March 14, 2014, with hopes that a spring date will perhaps magically ...


Angelina Jolie to be horny as Maleficent

Angelina Jolie recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her upcoming role in Maleficent, where she will be playing the titular role. While Maleficent is portrayed as full-out evil in the original Disney version of the movie, Jolie hopes...


Universal picks up Luc Besson's next sci-fi thriller

So, it's awesome that Luc Besson is making a return to sci-fi. After years of waiting for something in the vein of The Fifth Element or The Professional, Besson is coming out with not one, but two sci-fi films. His latest, Lockout, we repor...


Trailer: In The Land of Blood & Honey

In this trailer for Angelina Jolie's directorial debut, In The Land of Blood & Honey, there is plenty of romance and gunfire. The story of the movie is based around a "Serbian rape camp administrator and one of his Bosnian prisoners," ...


Weekend Weirdness: Chicks with Steve Buscemi's eyes

Ready to be emotionally (and physically) scarred for the rest of your life? Then take a gander at the gallery I've collected below. Yep. They're all famous actresses - and a couple bonuses - with Steve Buscemi's eyes. And they're absolutely...


Salt getting a sequel, probably not called Pepper

Did you see Salt? You know, the Angelina Jolie action pic about a spy who gets all double crossed and then triple crossed and then 1/2 crossed until she's not sure which way is up? Well, if you did you probably remember it had a bit of a cl...


Review: The Tourist

There's a stereotype about the English, which is incidentally entirely true, that if they set off to have a day out, no matter what disasters befall them (usually involving torrents of rain) they will persevere at all costs rather than retu...


Review: The Tourist

Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp. International intrigue. Clever wordplay and a twisting plot, but not one you have to think too much about. The Tourist has all these things. It sounds like a perfect way to kill some time with the family over t...


Angelina Jolie comes under fire for her directorial debut

Long-time actress Angelina Jolie is all prepared to make her directing and screenwriting debut in 2011 with a currently untitled love story about a romance between a Bosnian woman and a Serbian man. Unfortunately, she is being forced to def...


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