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Schwarzenegger to star in action flick Ten

Seems Schwarzenegger is still grasping at relevance with his newest action movie Ten, directed by David Ayer. Ten follows members of "an elite DEA task force" who deviate from their mission and instead steal "millions from a drug carte...


Rumor: Twins threequel adding Jeff Goldblum to the mix

It seems that the good news just keeps coming. A mere three days after a Twins sequel, cleverly entitled Triplets, was officially announced, featuring modern comedic superstar Eddie Murphy (from such hits as Meet Dave, Norbit, and the recen...


Twins sequel to star Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and Murphy

A sequel to Twins has been planned, and it's going to be called Triplets. I am not making this up. It will reteam Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, whose characters will learn that they have another sibling played by Eddie Murphy. Hon...


From Hell: Paul Verhoeven/Arnold Schwarzenegger's Crusade

[This week we'll be looking at a few movies mentioned in Tales from Development Hell by David Hughes (Titan Books). The recently released book chronicles the arduous and at times absurd development process that films go through, often leadi...


Schwarzenegger and Stallone to break out of The Tomb

Sylvester Stallone has enjoyed a late career revival as Hollywood's senior action man and, through his Expendables movies, has been working hard to ensure fellow '80s brawn also have the chance to top up their retirement fund. Arnold Schwar...


Arnold in new Avatar-styled Terminator movie?

Alright, so take this bit of news with a HUGE grain of salt, but apparently the enthusiasm of Terminator fans can't be stifled. After seeing what became of Terminator Salvation, fans were enraged and wanted a film that was faithful to the e...


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Black Sands becomes Black Sunday

Arnold is looking to revive his acting career in any way he can, it seems, as he's taking on the most random roles ever. I mean, if Arnold is desperate for roles, you know the economy's in trouble. Last we heard he was starring in the film ...


The Cult Club: Jingle All the Way (1996)

Welcome to a very special holiday edition of Cult Club. Why is it special? Well, for one we're talking about a Christmas movie. But for two, we're doing things a bit differently this time around. See, this month's Cult Club film is Jingle A...


Schwarzenegger narrates Total Recall... literally

I don't listen to audio commentary that often because I end up wanting to actually watch the film instead of listen to people talk about. This means I've never had the honor of hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger do audio commentary over Total R...


First Look: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger seems bent on reviving his movie career, but it's anyone's guess as to why he chose the role of a small town sheriff as his first real comeback role. The movie is called The Last Stand. You may have heard of it. It's b...


Schwarzenegger and Willis rocking large in Expendables 2

Ok, The Expendables was pretty bad, but no fan of the underthought, overly-violent punch-fests of the 1980s couldn't be giddy when Predator, Rambo, and John McClane shared the screen, if only for a few moments. Now, The Expendables 2&n...


Justin Lin in talks for Terminator 5

Rumours have been lingering for a while about Fast Five director Justin Lin's involvement with a fifth entry in the Terminator series, which is now owned by Annapurna Productions and the excellent Megan Ellison. Those rumours seem to have b...


More details on Arnie's role in The Last Stand

Two days ago, we reported on Arnie having chosen to make his post-politics 'acting' comeback in The Last Stand, a Western by A Tale Of Two Sisters director Kim Ji-woon. A press release from Lionsgate now reveals more details on the nature o...


The Ex-Governator to make a Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming really close to setting up his post-politics comeback, until personal scandal threw a wrench into the works. Now, having let the news media move on a few weeks, he's back to choosing his future show-biz proj...


30 crazy Japanese ads starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Former Govenator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been in the news a lot lately, from his apparent return to the Terminator series, to the news that he fathered a love-child with his household help over 10 years ago. So it should come as no...


UPDATED: Megan Ellison might own rights for Terminator

UPDATED: Looks like it's official, Annapurna Productions is now the rights holder for The Terminator franchise. /Film had the report this morning. This is nothing but good news people! How many of you guys have heard of Megan Elli...


He's back: Schwarzenegger in Terminator rights package

He said he wanted to return to the big screen after his term as The Governator ended, and it looks like he's taken a huge step in that direction: Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of a rights package for a collection of Terminator sequels that'...


The Governator is coming to a theater near YOU!

This weekend, you probably heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to show business would begin by developing a television show and comic book with Stan Lee called The Governator. You can watch the terrible trailer for it abov...


Schwarzenegger eying 15 new roles including Terminator

My former governor, the honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger, is finally taking offers for film roles following a fairly controversial political career. Now, he announced that he’s entertaining fifteen different offers, some offering some ...


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