Check out these snazzy Wreck-It Ralph caricatures

Wreck-It Ralph was one of last year's pleasant surprises. It was predictable, but completely filled to the brim with charm. What especially won me over though was WIR's videogame cameos. While the brunt of the story was within fictionalized...


These BAFTA Best Film posters are beautiful

Here we have a bunch of posters created by illustrator Jonathan Burton for this year's British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, and they are pretty wonderful. Each poster features one of the Best Film nominees, Argo, Les Miserabl...


Gallery 1988 & Olly Moss create incredible Oscars poster

The Academy appears to be getting a little bit more hip this year! For their annual Oscars poster, the Academy actually approached the up and coming pop-culture gurus at Gallery 1988 to create an official "85th Anniversary" poster for the O...


2013 Best Picture nominees get pretty commission posters

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Gallery 1988 (which we've featured on this site before) commissioned a set of artists to create a batch of one sheet posters to celebrate this year's nine Best Picture nominees. My favorit...


"Removie" posters are now being sold online

A few months ago, our poster-art lover Liz Rugg wrote about "Removie" posters. For those that don't remember (or are too lazy to click the conveniently-placed URL), the concept behind "Removies" is simply removing a letter from a film's tit...


Dwayne Johnson to produce a teddy bear film

The art in the header is "sweet halloween dreams" drawn by Alex Panagopoulos. And it's a interesting take on teddy bears (maybe even more so than Ted). Why is this important? It's been picked up by Dwanye "The People's Champion" Johnson and...


Mondo to release 2 new LOTR posters tomorrow

Mondo continues to deliver the highest quality of specially made movie posters with two new Lord of the Rings posters that they will be debuting tomorrow. The first is titled Precious Cargo by comic artist Paolo Rivera. The second features ...


Flix for Short: Malaria

Malaria, by Edson Oda, is a motion comic that tells its story with absolutely no animation whatsoever. It goes panel to panel through beautifully done craftsmanship and ingenuity that's just meant to be stared at. It follows a man who's hi...


This hand painted Incredibles poster is, well, incredible

Director Brad Bird took to Twitter to share an amazing work of hand crafted art by the renown artist Robert McGinnis. Hand painted posters don't exactly get released everyday, let alone for famous Pixar pics, so it's just that much more of ...


Trailer: Upstream Color

This full trailer for Upstream Color - the anticipated, forthcoming film from director Shane Carruth - seems to give the film a broad sense of transience and fluidity, with hints of violence and unease. A lot of people, including myself, a...


Complicated movie plots turn into great pictogram posters

Matteo Civaschi, artist for studio H-57, has taken a bunch of complicated movie plots, such as The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, The Exorcist, and even E.T. and condensed them into just a couple of icons for an awesome line of pictogram po...


Check out some hand-written poster artwork

Movie posters have always been a way to grab the attention of potential movie-goers because they are and always have been a form of advertising. While photographs of the main actors are used nowadays, heading back 20 years ago illustrations...


Weapon of Choice gallery spotlights weapons, not Walkens

I wish, oh how I wish, that I lived in Los Angeles. Aside from some of the coolest Flixist writers past and present residing there, they have the best galleries. The Weapon of Choice gallery will be open this Friday through Sunday, spotlig...


Check out these awesome hand drawn Indian movie posters

There's nothing like the universal language of art to promote films across cultures. Or at least I think that's what's going on here. These awesome posters are hand drawn in a matter of hours by the Indian artist Ramachandraiah and get...


New Jurassic Park posters from artist Ken Taylor

Thanks to the fine folks at Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse's merchandise and collectible poster division, artist Ken Taylor has created two new posters for the classic Jurassic Park. This is Mondo's first release of the year, and after all the...


Check out the original Star Wars trilogy as maps

These awesome posters were made by artist Andrew DeGraff for an upcoming two person show featuring DeGraff and fellow artist Bennett Slater. The show will be at Gallery 1988, which we've talked about before. In these works DeGraff has creat...


Criterion Collection teases 2013 releases with this image

The Criterion Collection is teasing some of its 2013 releases with a "name that movie" image. And... well there's... Wow, I'm really, really bad at this one. Adam Chitwood of Collider says the image contains the following: David Lynch's Er...


Arty posters for extremely un-arty Texas Chainsaw 3D

Leatherface is set to return to theaters once again (sigh) this January 4 in Texas Chainsaw 3D, and, as the title suggests, this time he's coming back in 3D (sigh). In all honesty the film looks pretty damn dull and director John Luess...


New Lord of the Rings posters by Olly Moss are awesome

In celebration of everyone's return to Middle Earth with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey coming to theaters this week, Mondo - the collectible movie art division of Texas' The Alamo Drafthouse - will be releasing two brand new posters for...


NYC: Alternate Endings art show opens Friday in Brooklyn

There's a cool-looking art show opening this weekend at The Bottleneck Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's called "Alternate Endings." More than 60 artists were commissioned by Bottleneck to create new endings to books, games, and movie...


Mondo releases prints from We Buy Your Kids

Mondo's last gallery show of 2012 is titled Tina's Mom's Boyfriend and it features movie posters created by Australian graphic design duo We Buy Your Kids. These prints all debuted at the gallery show in Austin, Texas, but today, 12/11 - at...


Admire the first few pages of the Django Unchained comic

The more and more I see of Django Unchained, the more and more I want it already. Looks like the wait will be just a teensy bit shorter for some of the good stuff. Django Unchained is getting a comic book miniseries courtesy of Vertigo (whi...


Book: Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

If you missed our coverage of Gallery 1988's fine art show Papercuts - by Olly Moss last year, you missed out on a very special show. The reverberations of which have been echoing and amplifying in the time since, not only for the British a...


Rated G: Justin White's Galllery 1988 show

Today /Film landed an awesome exclusive from artist Justin White. His first solo art show, Rated G, opens at Gallery 1988 Melrose this Friday. The work turns some of your favorite movies and TV into benign, at times adorable, animation. Som...


Flixclusive Interview: Artist Scott C.

Scott C.'s art is silly in a good way and childlike in the best way. It's on display in his two books of art -- Amazing Everything (Insight Editions) and the recently released The Great Showdowns (Titan Books) -- as well as his webcomic Dou...


Ghost-inspired art by Scott C.

With the release of artist Scott C.'s adorably witty The Great Showdowns, I figured it'd be worthwhile to share some of Scott C.'s artwork for Halloween. So here, gathered in one place, are Scott C. watercolors inspired by Ghost. (A lot of ...


Book: The Great Showdowns

This week, Titan Books is releasing The Great Showdowns, a collection of art by Scott C. You may remember that we highlighted Scott C.'s artwork earlier in the year. Scott C. has worked in a number of different mediums, including videogames...


Check out these beautiful Turkish posters for The Master

If you haven't seen The Master, you've missed one of the most incredible films of the year. And if you have seen The Master, you'll especially appreciate these overseas posters for Paul Thomas Anderson's epic film. The posters are from Turk...


Universal Monsters to creep into Mondo's gallery

Mondo, the collectible movie art distributor and gallery branch of Austin's fabled Alamo Drafthouse theater, has announced that their upcoming end-of-October gallery show will feature works centered around iconic "Universal Monsters." In ot...


Cool fan art imagines Indiana Jones as an animated series

And to continue this awesome day, here are some pretty sweet images of Patrick Schoenmaker's take on Indiana Jones as an animated series. Just look at Indy! He's got so much damn spunk (that's sadly faded away over the years). In the e...


Book: The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania

Titan Books just released The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania by Tracey Miller-Zarneke earlier this week in anticipation of the upcoming film's release this Friday. Since I've got my hands on a copy, I'd figured I go over its awesomene...


Trailer: Looper

If you had any lingering doubts about how awesome Looper is going to be, I don't know how that would happen given all the positive buzz going around, here's the last nail in that coffin. Seriously, I'm probably going to see it twice. I hav...


Gallery 1988 exhibit imagines 80s films as travel posters

At Gallery 1988's Venice location from September 28th through October 20, Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo have re-imagined a collection of recognizable locales from more popular 80s flicks into travel advertisement posters for Gallery 1988...


Mondo artists create Dredd 3D poster, Tarantino box set

In case you missed it, Dredd 3D is actually supposed to be pretty good, and now it has the Mondo poster to prove it. As a part of the film's final premier at Austin's Fantastic Fest, Mondo has teamed up with artist Jock to create a stark, b...


Mondo show to feature Robert Brandenburg and Craig Drake

Mondo's next art show will take place conveniently during Austin's Fanatstic Fest film festival. The festival will take place from September 20-27 in Austin, Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Mondo's show, featuring pop-culture art...


Video: Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult: NY show opening night

For the first time ever, pop culture art gallery Gallery 1988 has taken their annual cult-movie-centric art show Crazy 4 Cult out of its home in California and landed it in New York. East Coasters were apparently all about it, since people...


Brothers Quay retrospective starts at MoMA 8/12

For the New Yorkers out there, the Museum of Modern Art begins a massive retrospective on The Brothers Quay starting Sunday, August 12th. You may know The Brothers Quay best for their creepy yet oddly beautiful works of stop-motion animatio...


Expendables 2 gets biblical on your a$$

What could possibly make Expendables 2 seem even more overblown? Getting all up in the Last Supper that's what. While Last Supper parodies are hardly new, rarely has so much action been crammed into one. The bowl of grenades is a nice touch...


Check out this awesome The Goonies poster from Mondo

This is probably the best Goonies poster I've ever seen. Not that there are a ton out there, but this seriously rocks. We all know by now that Mondo posters are infuriatingly hard to purchase because they sell out almost immediately, but ca...


Mondo and artist Olly Moss make over Princess Mononoke

I hope it isn't forward of me to assume that, as an astute reader of Flixist, you are no stranger to the wonderful work of Mondo, the division of the Alamo Drafthouse responsible for some of the most unique and beautiful posters based on al...


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