Review: The Nightingale

The Nightingale is a rough film. Which is to say, it covers some serious ground in its trek across the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, and not to question its technical merits. Following her debut with The Babadook in 2014, Jennifer Kent conti...


New trailer for The Nightingale seeks bleak vengeance

Coming off of a hot horror film (or anything so overtly genre, really) can be an incredibly interesting time for a filmmaker. Do they continue to solidify their understanding of a genre's mechanics, maybe the way Jordan Peele jumped f...


MORTAL KOMBAT! movie to debut in early 2021

News broke earlier this month about the new adaptation of the klassic fighting game franchise, with Aquaman and Conjuring maestro James Wan set to produce. We now have a little meaty morsel more of information, with Warner Bros. slapping a ...

Review: King of Peking photo

Tribeca Capsule Review: King of Peking

There's something undeniably charming about Sam Voutas' King of Peking. I smiled my way through a lot of the film, and snippets of its feel-good score (AM radio easy listening, in a good way) have been stuck in my head this week as I'v...

Mad Max Trilogy photo

The Mad Max Trilogy: Look Back in Anger

I have yet to see Mad Max: Fury Road, which comes out this week, but I did get a chance to see the first three Mad Max movies over the weekend at a friend's place: Mad Max (1979), Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981), and Mad Max: Beyond Thun...


Russel Crowe's The Water Diviner gets trailer and poster

Russell Crowe is finally making the jump to director, because that's what actors do it seems. His debut film is The Water Diviner, a WWI period piece about an Australian man who goes searching for his lost boys after the war is over. Judgi...

The Rocket Review photo

Tribeca Review: The Rocket

The Rocket was one of the films at Tribeca that I'd planned to see much earlier in the festival but unfortunately couldn't get to until later. This Australian production set in Laos won both the audience award and the jury prize for Best Na...


Trailer: Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is an Australian murder story from Blue Tongue Films. Starring Joel Edgerton, Nash Edgerton, David Michôd and Spencer Susser as two couples who decide to enjoy a holiday in Cambodia and have a wonderful time... unt...


20,000 Leagues to shoot in Australia

David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo has been offered a tax incentive to film in Australia by its government. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Australian government is offering Disney a 30 percent locatio...

Wake in Fright photo

Review: Wake in Fright

I've always wanted to delve deeper into the world of Ozploitation movies (exploitation films from Australia). I have a major fondness for Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000), and Razorback, and my interest in the genre...


Trailer: Wake in Fright

Well-regarded in its native Australia but virtually unseen in the United States, Ted Kotcheff's Wake in Fright is getting a special stateside rerelease to celebrate it's 40th anniversary. The film has been likened to Deliverance and Straw ...


Music from the Australian giallo film Sororal

A couple weeks ago, Xander reported on Sororal, a giallo film that hails from Australia. (If you're unfamiliar with the giallo genre, Xander included a handy list of must-sees.) Directed by Sam Barrett, the film centers on a painter whose ...


Trailer: Fugu & Tako

Fugu & Tako looks incredibly strange in the best possible way -- the type of movie I'd pair with The Calamari Wrestler for a night of sake, sushi, and Asahi. It's not a feature film, but rather a seven-and-a-half-minute short. Whatever...


Sororal is the first ever Australian giallo

If anyone reading this doesn't know what a giallo is, you should immediately check out Blood And Black Lace; The Bird With The Crystal Plumage; Deep Red; Black Belly Of The Tarantula and Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key (o...


Review: The Hunter

The Hunter is the latest in a string of acclaimed Australian films in recent years, two other notables being Animal Kingdom and The Snowtown Murders. Whereas the latter two films focus on the gritty crimes committed by families, The Hunter ...


Interview: Willem Dafoe

When Willem Dafoe entered the hotel room for the interview, he made his way straight to the bathroom. He apologized and said with mock menace, "And nobody listen!" We assembled journalists laughed, already charmed in an odd way. He joked ab...


Interview: Director Daniel Nettheim (The Hunter)

The Hunter is director Daniel Nettheim's second feature film, and the latest in a string of highly acclaimed movies from Australia in recent years. The film follows Martin David (Willem Dafoe), a man hired by a mysterious corporation to hun...


Review: The Snowtown Murders

There will be walkouts at The Snowtown Murders, though it will have nothing to do with the quality of the film. Even though it's directed by first-timer Justin Kurzel (whom we interviewed) and stars a number of newcomers, the material is ha...


Flixclusive Interview: Director Justin Kurzel

After watching The Snowtown Murders, I was surprised that the film was the feature-length directorial debut of Justin Kurzel. Its subject matter is challenging and disturbing. The film focuses on one of the most notorious serial murders in ...


Trailer: The Snowtown Murders

The worst serial killer case in Australia is referred to as the Snowtown murders (aka the Bodies in Barrels murders). Eleven people were killed (possibly 12), the remains of eight victims stuffed into acid-filled barrels. Several people he...


Sundance Review: Wish You Were Here

[From Jan. 19 to 29, Flixist will be bringing you live coverage, from Park City, Utah, of Sundance Film Festival 2012. Keep an eye out for news, features, videos, and reviews of some of the most anticipated films to hit the festi...


Trailer: Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is the opening film for Sundance's World Cinema Dramatic Competition. It was written and directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith and marks his feature-length debut behind the lens. Here's a brief glimpse of the plot: Four friend...


Australian Trailer: Human Centipede Pt. 2 (Full Sequence)

Above is the Australian trailer for The Human Centipede Part 2 (Full Sequence). Does it show any of the horrendous acts one might see in the upcoming film? Poop? Blood? No. Instead, we get a bunch of flashing text and actors people reactin...


Wolf Creek 2 is a thing that is finally going to happen

Truly quality slashers are very rare. There's plenty of them that have some good kills, a few scares and are enjoyable enough, but its a rare slasher that both really scares and soaks the screen in blood. If you saw Australian film Wolf Cre...


Review: Red Hill

Before seeing Red Hill, two things came to mind when I thought of actor Ryan Kwanten. One, what a silly last name, and two, he plays the dumb jock brother of the gloriously well-endowed Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) on HBOâ€&tr...


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