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Kylo Ren TV photo

Watch Kylo Ren make appearances in other movies

There's something wonderfully silly about Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. Don't get me wrong, he's a menacing user of the force and also a representation of the dark side of male geekdom, but he's also a spoiled brat with a funny voice who...

2017 DeLoreans photo

This is heavy: They're making actual DeLoreans in 2017

With 2015 behind us, you'd think that was the end of weaponized Back to the Future nostalgia. Well, no. Turns out you'll be able to buy a brand new replica DeLorean in 2017. (As noted by /Film's Ethan Anderton, only 9,200 vintage DeLoreans ...

Rick and Morty photo

Rick and Morty Season 2 Review: One Schwifty Season

Season two of Adult Swim’s latest breakout hit, Rick and Morty, started off with one of the most high-concept episodes of any television show this side of Community and ended with a surprisingly intense non-stop rocket-fueled punch to...

Back to the Future 9/11 photo

Conspiracy Theory: Back to the Future predicted 9/11, guys

There are plenty of 9/11 conspiracy theories out there, but this one may be one of the strangest. According to a video by Apophenia Productions, the Back to the Future films predicted and warned about 9/11. This elaborate conspiracy even ti...

So now photo

Back to the Future Pepsi to be released

Back to the Future II's future didn't quite happen. We still don't have ubiquitous working hoverboards and my drams of being eaten by a giant holographic shark are years away. However, we did get to see some of the stuff from the movie like...


Mondo to release two Back to the Future posters tomorrow

In addition to Mondo's gallery show of artist Laurent Durieux's works this month, the poster and merchandise division of the Alamo Drafthouse chain of movie theaters has announced that they'll be releasing two new Back to the Future posters...


LEGO is officially going Back to the Future

Back during Christmastime 2012, Thor brought us news about a LEGO Back to the Future project that was featured on LEGO CUUSO. Receiving enough votes to be reviewed by LEGO (and really, who ever doubted it wouldn't in the first pla...


Back to the Future Part II inspires Hoverboard short film

Back to the Future Part II, directed by Robert Zemeckis, still captures the minds of people today. That or people really just want the Mattel Hoverboard from the film to be real by 2015. Im looking at you Mattel! You have 2 years to make ...


Back to the Future explained with animation in one minute

This nifty little animated short does a respectable job of summing up part one of the Back to the Future trilogy. Animated by Studio 1A4, there's always a certain charm that can be found in the use of simple techniques, and I'm also high...


Back to the Future coming to LEGO!

Needless to say, I was pretty relieved to wake up this morning to find that the world had not ended. Then I remembered I would have to continue on with the doldrums of everyday life. That is until I saw that LEGO CUUSO had decided to bring ...


Michael Bay's Almanac is like Back to the Future Part II

Bleeding Cool has revealed details about Almanac, the Michael Bay-produced found-footage time travel film. And yes, there's a sports almanac in it just like Back to the Future Part II. The story involves a high school kid named David (a ner...


Classic outfits from class films in stylish pictures

At some point the clothes an actor wears in a film can become iconic. You see them and you instantly think of that film, that actor or that character. Such is the case for the clothing laid out below you in the photos of Candice Milon taken...


Back to the Future remake imminent?

I must be lucky to be able to post news about two of my favorite movies two days in a row. Yesterday it was the Child's Play remake and possible sequel, now it's a... remake of Back to the f*cking Future?!?!  I'm sorry, but whenever I ...


Mattel will finally sell Back to the Future 2 Hoverboards

You got really excited when you read that title didn't you? Are you ready to be knocked down a couple pegs? Are you sitting down? Much like the recently released Back to the Future self lacing Nikes that can't self lace, Mattel is releasing...


Back to the Future going to Broadway?

Now, I'm no expert on Broadway musicals, but when I saw that Back to the Future was in talks to head to Broadway, I just HAD to snatch it up. Apparently, Robert Zemeckis (recently of dead-eyed-3D-animation fame) is working with his old writ...


Alan Silvestri scores, supports The Avengers

It looks like Alan Silvestri is poised to return to Marvel in scoring The Avengers coming off of his last triumphant score to the recent Captain America: The First Avenger. Alan Silvestri is also responsible for scoring the Back to the Futu...


Back to the Future Part II to get heckled and mocked

The Internet is so big. It's so big, in fact, that you can miss out on a lot of cool stuff. For example, I missed out in 2008 when some members of the Sirius XM’s Opie and Anthony show did their very first Secret Show to the Future (a...


Hey, you bojos, we might really get hoverboards!

A little while back we told you about Nike Air Mags, self-lacing shoes like in Back to the Future Part II. Oh, but the future is even brighter now, my friends. A bunch of crazy scientists with big brown puppy dog eyes and long sil...


Mysterious Doc Brown commercial finally revealed

A wild Christopher Llyod appears, uh, again! You might remember the story we covered a few weeks back about a random Argentinian commercial featuring none other than Doc Brown and the time machine being produced in Argentina for reasons un...



[Body Snatchers is Flixist's ode to film shirts that are clever or awesome enough to cover and consume our bodies.] I just so happened to be watching Back to the Future Part II when I received this unbelievable news, like, 5 minutes ago. A...


Doc Brown in Argentinian commercial?

A wild Christopher Lloyd appears! ...In this Argentinian commercial, that is. Honestly, I'm not even sure what this commercial is supposed to be for, I just know that seeing the Doc back in the Delorean's driver's seat is a wonderful sight...


Robert Zemeckis goes back to Universal house

It’s like the beginning of every great romantic comedy I’ve ever seen where the bum gets kicked out of his house and is forced to start doing the thing he hates the most in order to grow as a person. That’s kind of what&...


Bill & Ted, Back to the Future, Beetlejuice art show!

If you live anywhere near Venice, California, and are a fan of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Back to the Future, or Beetlejuice, then you need to check out Gallery 1988's upcoming show! The show will feature works from the Philadelphi...


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