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Please Post Bills: Gallery 1988's Bill Murray art show

Gallery 1988 is at it again! This time they're celebrating everyone's favorite actor, Bill Murray. Seriously, this dude has been in so many great movies and is totally awesome. I wish I had all of these artworks, they're pretty darn rad. Th...


Bad Dads art show: a tribute to the films of Wes Anderson

[UPDATE: Now in the gallery - a portrait of Margot Tenenbaum!] The second annual Bad Dads art show is coming up at Spoke Art gallery in San Fransisco! Opening Halloween weekend, the show will feature artworks inspired by the many fantastic ...


Ghostbusters 3 busted by Bill Murray?

Ghostbusters 3 has been in "Production Hell" for years now, so the fact that the movie has suffered another hitch has got to fall on deaf ears by now. Bill Murray has been the epicenter of almost every piece of bad news surrounding the prod...


Ghostbusters III is a go, Bill Murray is a no... maybe

Dan Aykroyd, aka Ray, confirmed on Dennis Miller Radio that Ghostbusters III is a GO! Shooting will likely begin in the Spring, though he couldn't confirm or deny Bill Murray's availability, saying simply, "yes, we will be doing the movie a...


Whiskey Business Part II

As it turns out, there is much more to whiskey advertising than the pieces I covered in Whiskey Business. Those wonderful people over at Japander (a site chronicling the successes and failures of celebs in Japanese ads) have brought us a st...


Body Snatchers: The Lost Roles of Bill Murray

[Body Snatchers is Flixist's ode to film shirts that are clever or awesome enough to cover and consume our bodies.] You know what is awesome? T-shirts. They protect your torso, disguise the fact that you really haven't taken care of yoursel...


Set photos from Wes Anderson's upcoming Moonrise Kingdom

Earlier today, some photos of the set of Wes Anderson's upcoming movie, titled Moonrise Kingdom, were leaked. The pictures show the set of what looks like a boy scout camp with a banner that says "Regional Hullabaloo '65" strung across an e...


Flixclusive Interview: Rebecca Wang, Passion Play

I recently got the chance to interview Hollywood newcomer Rebecca Wang, executive producer on the film Passion Play starring Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke, and Megan Fox. We briefly spoke on the experiences of a first time executive produ...


Cast confirmed for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

The speculations have come true! Wes Anderson's next film, Moonrise Kingdom, which is set to come out in 2012, will feature Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, and of course the brilliant Bill Murray. The main cha...


Bill Murray is FDR, will have an affair with his cousin

Bill Murray is a man that can do anything. From playing Polonius in my favorite version of Hamlet to not being in Ghostbusters 3 and making me sad to being the single best thing about Zombieland, an already fun movie, Bill Murray can do an...


Ghostbusters 3 held up by an unlikely source

There have been some recent rumors that indicate that Ghostbusters 3 isn’t entirely a dead picture. However, outside of those same rumors and speculations that have been rolling around since Ghostbusters 2, t...


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