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Should there be a third Blade Runner?

Usually I try to leave these things open for debate for at least a sentence or two before giving my opinion, but there's clearly a right answer here. While Blade Runner 2049 is probably the best result to come out of a needless se...


Is there any actor that you'll show up to the theater for?

Time was if you shoved Tom Cruise into a movie and emblazoned all the marketing with his name bigger than the name of the movie you'd pretty much have a guaranteed number one opening weekend, and most likely a box office hit. That time has ...


If you need to google a movie to understand it did it fail?

Darren Aronofsky's mother! released this weekend and it struggled pretty hard. That might be because the entire thing is a biblical allegory art house film that is somehow both complicated and blunt at the same time. People came o...

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So what did you do over Labor Day weekend?

Last week we were shocked to find out that the worst box office weekend in 16 years occurred. OK, not really shocked. There were no good movies opening and there was a natural disaster and a host of other issues. People were busy in general...

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The worst movie weekend in 16 years just happened

The top ten films this weekend brought in $45 million. It took a terrorist attack on American soil in September of 2001 to create a box office lower than that, but Hollywood managed to do it this time by simply not releasing any interesting...

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Can August be over yet?

The end of August sucks for movies. It's too late in summer for the studios to care anymore, and it's only on very rare occasions that some studio also-ran or indie gem surprises us. This August especially sucks, with not even one movie abl...


Do you want more Conjuring/Annabelle movies?

I liked The Conjuring well enough, and I do find creepy dolls really creepy, but of all the horror franchises in existence to have a horror "universe" born out of it I would not for a moment have guessed it would be the one about ...


Who the hell paid for The Emoji Movie?

Guys, The Emoji Movie made $25.6 million this weekend. That puts it on track to easily eclipse its $50 million budget, and turn Sony a profit. That more than likely means there will be a sequel. There is a high chance that th...


Is Planet of the Apes the best modern trilogy?

With War for the Planet of the Apes opening at number one this weekend, toppling a insanely strong second showing from Spider-Man: Homecoming, we've been asking ourselves whether or not there's a better modern film trilogy out there......


2016 summer box office total is 3rd best, ever

Man do I want to blame this loss on The Huntsman: Winter's War, but I can't, seeing as the official summer box office runs from the first Friday in May through Labor Day, meaning Winter's War (and its lifeless box office tally and huge...

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Box Office Numbers: No Vaseline

As we all figured, Straight Outta Compton is still dominating the box office. It released at just the right time as the Summer was winding down and the award season is still a few weeks away. It's not like it would've got swallowed up by th...

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Box Office Numbers: Still Outta Compton

As Summer comes to an end, Straight Outta Compton is free to reign until it's all over. It's a weak release weekend for sure, but Compton's intake doubles every other film's with $26 million. So glad it's caught an audience, and I can't wai...

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Box Office Numbers: Compton

I love when Hollywood realizes there's a huge audience out there for films like Straight Outta Compton. I worry about biopics all the time, and I was worried Compton would suffer the same generic fate. But thanks to its timeliness, we final...

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Box Office Numbers: Kim Possible

Despite its best effort (or worst apparently, according to our review) Fantastic Four could not accept the impossible mission of taking the top box office spot over the weekend. Mission: Impossible remains a basic average girl with $29 mill...

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Box Office Numbers: Gone Roguin'

Dethroning Ant-Man, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation conquered the top of the box office with $56 million. As we're reaching the tale end of Summer, we don't have a lot of big releases left over. So I'd expect M:I to hold strong. It won't...

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Box Office Numbers: Ants in the Pants

Despite our circle ranting and raving over Pixels, it seems it's gone largely unnoticed. Ultimately losing out to Ant-Man's $24.7 million with $24 million, Pixels is only in second place. It doesn't really matter since Sandler's films alway...

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Box Office Numbers: B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Despite the plea I made in the review, parents are still dishing out tons of money for Minions. With their billion dollar advertising budget, the little buggers have taken over the box office with a whopping $115 million dollar opening. The...

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Box Office Numbers: The Outsiders

Thanks to a prolonged July 4th hangover, I totally forgot to see a good movie last weekend. Apparently no one else is having that problem since there was a good amount of change thrown around over the holiday. Jurassic World held a firm top...

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Box Office Numbers: Spy vs. Spy

Another week gone, another week of box office numbers. Unsurprisingly, the Melissa McCarthy movie Spy (which apparently isn't as bad as her recent string of bad choices) took the top spot with $30 million, San Andreas is still making money ...

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Box Office Numbers: Rocky Road

Dwayne Johnson just can't catch a break, can he? At this point I'm not sure who is to blame. Is Johnson just not that great of an actor or does he just attach himself to terrible projects? After starring in two terrible solo films, maybe he...

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Box Office Numbers: Pitchy, dawg

Like most folks last weekend, I was torn between seeing Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2. With only enough time and money allowing only one of the two, I chose Fury Road because my roommates have done the same. I was originally going to review P...

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Box Office Numbers: Avenge Me!

Hey, I finally saw a movie in theaters! Meaning I helped Age of Ultron make even more money as it topped the box office for a second week with $77 million. It'll be interesting how this weekend turns out since we have two big movies for two...

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Box Office Numbers: I'm not Nick

Now I'm not your usual box office guy, but despite my lack of experience with this post I think I can safely say that Avengers: Age of Ultron made a lot of money. Like second biggest opening weekend of all time (behind its predecessor)...

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Box Office Numbers: China Still Cool

Furious 7 has raked in over $323 million in China, making it China's highest grossing film ever. The previous highest grossing film was Transformers: Age of Extinction and it had to pander to the foreign audience to get there so good job! N...

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Box Office Numbers: Billion Dollar Family

Last week, Furious 7 crossed a billion (with a b) dollars worldwide over 17 days. That makes it Universal's first film in history to cross that mark through its first run in theaters. Also, it's now the fastest (heh) to reach it before prev...

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Box Office Numbers: Still Family

After last weekend, Furious 7 is now the best performing film in the series, netting $60.5 million and $252 million overall. Still have yet to see it myself, and considering how invested I am in the series it's pretty unfortunate, but no on...

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Box Office Numbers: #FAMILY

As of this writing, I've yet to see Furious 7 for myself. As I predicted forever ago, Walker's untimely demise drew an insane amount of people to the film's premiere over the weekend. It's sadly going to be the best performer in the series ...

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Box Office Numbers: Insurgency, Schmensurgency

I haven't been to the theater in quite awhile. This job usually affords me the opportunity, but due to some life stuff I haven't even seen the inside of a theater for about two months now. But thankfully, this is all during March. Looking a...

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Box Office Numbers: Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh

You're becoming a dream to me - Fairytale fantasy - Nothing can ever compare - An image to my memory - Girl, I'm asking could you be my queen?A vision on a magazine -That's when I'll be there - It's something we bo...

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Box Office Numbers: Mr. Roboto

Well, it appears we're still in the Winter slump. It's a rough opening for Chappie. It won the box office, but only with $13 million. But it was even worse for the other opening movie, Unfinished Business. Despite some unique marketing (whi...

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Box Office Numbers: Gettin' Focused Wit It

It's a shame that no matter how many films Will Smith is in, I'll always reference Gettin Jiggy Wit It. Seeing as Focus was alright, and secured the top spot at the box office with $19 million, maybe I'll let it go? Uhhhhh...na na na na na ...

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Box Office Numbers: The Grouch

I missed the Oscars last night (along with the Flixist chat), but I've caught up on some highlights. Tegan and Sara gave out Lego Oscars (even if the performance was a bit shaky), Common and John Legend brought the house down with Glory. Pa...


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