New Ghostbusters 30th anniversary art revealed

As we previously reported, the Los Angeles based pop culture art gallery Gallery 1988 will be putting on a Ghostbusters 30th anniversary traveling art show over the next few months with four stops: LA, NY, Chicago and the San Diego Comic Co...


Flix for Short: A Day for Cake and Accidents

A Day for Cake and Accidents is an animated short film, and a collaboration between artists Steve Reinke and Jessie Mott. The absurdest work focuses on a nonsensical birthday party, though some of the attendees seem preoccupied with impendi...

Drinking Buddies Review photo

Review: Drinking Buddies

Everybody always has that one platonic friendship where the line is constantly tiptoed upon that could lead to something more. As always, that move can never be made due to outside circumstances, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Still, pr...


Chicago: Movies in the Parks 2013 lineup

Summer is practically upon us and there are so many free film events going on across the country. Out in Chicago, the Movies in the Parks series will launch in June and run through September in various parks throughout the city. The outdoor...


Patton Oswalt on his epic Star Wars Episode VII rant

A few weeks ago, actor and comedian Patton Oswalt made internet headlines when he appeared on the television show Parks & Recreation and delivered an epic filibuster rant about how the new Star Wars episodes, currently being made by J.J...

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Flixist will be at C2E2 this weekend!

Chicago's annual Comics and Entertainment Expo - C2E2 - is happening this weekend! Your faithful Chicago corespondents, Geoff Henao and myself, will be in attendance! Be sure to say hi if you see us! While C2E2 doesn't necessarily focus on ...

twohundredfiftysixcolors photo

Thoughts on twohundredfiftysixcolors

twohundredfiftysixcolors is hard to discuss without any outside exposition. It's not a "film" so much as it is a collection of thousands of GIFs played back to back in a somewhat loose progression with no sound, no music, nothing ...


Chicagoans: Check out twohundredfiftysixcolors this week

twohundredfiftysixcolors is an ambitious film comprised of thousands of GIFs to invoke a conversation about the art form and how GIFs can relate to the early processes of cinema. Considering just how popular animated GIFs have become o...

R.I.P. Roger Ebert photo

R.I.P. Roger Ebert (6/6/1942 - 4/4/2013)

Hushed silences and whispers would fill the theater. Every person in the audience would ask the person next to them, "Hey... is that Roger Ebert?" Time and time again, especially since I began writing for Flixist in 2010, I would see Roger ...


CIFF: Chicago International Film Festival Retrospective

With the end of October marks the end of this year's Chicago International Film Festival. Out of the dozen or so films I watched, about 90% of them involved sex scenes, which was an interesting tidbit to note. I guess foreign filmmakers rea...


CIFF Review: Benji

[Flixist will be attending the 48th Chicago International Film Festival over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow along as we bring you coverage from the longest-running competitive international film festival in the country. You can easil...


CIFF Review: A F*ckload of Scotch Tape

[Flixist will be attending the 48th Chicago International Film Festival over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow along as we bring you coverage from the longest-running competitive international film festival in the country. You can easil...


New documentary gives credence to "Skate or Die" phrase

We've publicized a few Kickstarters before, but nothing like this has hit so close to home. As regular readers know, Liz and I are from Chicago and love our city very much. However, as beautiful and awesome as our home may be, there is a v...


Director's cut of Nightbreed screening in LA & Chicago

If you're a fellow Clive Barker fan, you've likely heard about the restoration of Nightbreed, the 1990 adaptation of his novel Cabal. The theatrical release of the film was severely cut by the studio, and the resulting movie was still good,...


Studio Ghilbli tribute to screen in Chicago this summer

Coming soon to a Gene Siskel Film Center near you - if you live in Chicago that is - is Castles in the Sky, a series of screenings in tribute to Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli is one of the most popular and influential animation studios in th...


C2E2 2012: Cosplay it, don't spray it

This year's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) took place from April 13th to April 15th. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a film presence this year, so my friend Charles and I decided to do what half of the rest of the convent...


Trailer: Chicago Rot

Wow. This first official trailer for Chicago Rot is a riot. The film, shot around my beautiful hometown of Chicago, is about a wrongly imprisoned man being let loose in the city as he looks for the man that murdered his Mother and "stole h...


Melies' remastered Trip to the Moon to screen in Chicago

Georges Méliès' unequivocal masterpiece A Trip to the Moon was recently remastered and the new version now has completely hand-painted color as well as a soundtrack by the French atmospheric band Air. At the time, we were unsu...


Let's save the Portage Theater!

Flixistonians! If you've been following the site for a while, you've probably realized that I'm a huge proponent of saving historic movie theaters from being repurposed or demolished. Well, here's a chance for me to put my money where my m...


Review: The Last Rites of Joe May

[Note: This review originally ran during coverage for the Chicago International Film Festival. It is being re-posted to coincide with the film's Video On Demand release.] It's a hard life being a hustler; the money's never consistent, peopl...


Chicago International Film Festival Retrospective

This year's Chicago International Film Festival has come and gone. There were some amazing international films premiering in Chicago... and there were some less-than-amazing international films premiering in Chicago. While I didn't get a ch...


CIFF Review: The Return of Joe Rich

[Flixist will be attending the 47th Chicago International Film Festival over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow along as we bring you reviews, interviews, and more from the longest-running competitive international film festival in the c...


Chicago International Film Festival schedule released

Calling all Chicago-based film fanatics and film festival professionals: The full list of films and schedule for the 47th Chicago International Film Festival has been released. Taking place October 6th - October 20th, this year's CIFF will ...


Review: The Interrupters

Let me start off this review by explaining that The Interrupters hits me very close to home. The searing documentary takes place on the south and west sides of Chicago, a few neighborhoods away from where I live. In many shots are buildings...


Trailer: The Interrupters

Once in a while, you find out about a movie that really moves you. The Interrupters is a new documentary by director Steven James - director of the acclaimed documentary Hoop Dreams - about Cease Fire Illinois' Violence Interrupters progra...


Harrison Ford steals Costner's entire career in one day

Ok, so nobody will accuse Harrison Ford of lifting Indiana Jones or Han Solo from Kevin Costner, but a bizarre announcement begs us to compare their careers. The former will play two roles previously assumed by the latter, and will do this ...


Snyder Superman movie to cast extras in Chicagoland

(Above image not to scale.) Do you live in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs? Have you ever really wanted to be in a Superman movie as an extra? Well, now's your chance! This month Zack Snyder's Superman movie is hosting three casting call...


The Chicago Underground Film Festival Part 2: Observers

If the first screening of short films that I saw at the Chicago Underground Film Festival last weekend was all about media, representation and the image, then the second program I attended, The Observers, was all about duration, meditation ...


The Chicago Underground Film Festival Part 1: Rabbits

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to get to go to some screenings at the 18th annual Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF). For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Chicago avant-garde cinema scene (in other words, most people) you shoul...


Chicago Film Critics Association 2010 award nominations

It's that time of the year again. The time when the movie industry ships us a deluge of detailed lists and we watch as various associations try to act like they're the official opinion on the industry's "winners" of the year. One of the bes...


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