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Christian Bale might be joining the MCU

Chalk this one up as a big, Bat-Signaled "maybe," but sources are reporting that Christian Bale is potentially in talks for a role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.


Review: Ford v Ferrari

Cars have a certain pull. They are loud. They go fast. They are dangerous. They are everything that makes being alive fun rolled into one. They are are also a good mode of transportation. The roar of the engine and the speed at which they c...


Ford v Ferrari is a race for the ages

For six years straight, vehicles designed and made by Enzo Ferrari dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A grueling race around an eight-and-a-half mile track with speeds reaching over 200 miles-per-hour, the race was initially created to tes...


The 2018 Golden Cages: Best Actor

Welcome one and all to Flixist's new end of the year awards program, the Golden Cages! With Hollywood becoming increasingly out of touch with what the people like, we at Flixist have taken it upon ourselves to deliver the fair, balance...


Review: Vice

I always find it amusing when people criticize actors and Hollywood in general for talking about politics and when people say that actors should stay out of politics because their job is to entertain audiences, not preach to them about poli...

Economy photo

First trailer for The Big Short has award season hopes

The Big Short might be surprising a lot of people this year. It's based off the book Michael Lewis, who wrote Moneyball, and is all about the guys who bet against the housing market before the crash. Who do you get to adapt a true...

Knight of Cups photo

First trailer for Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups

I don't have very much experience with Terrence Malick's films, but while I don't necessarily "get" his movies myself, I understand why he's a big deal. Filmed back in 2012, Knight of Cups is finally primed for a 2015 release. Starring a w...

Exodus Review photo

Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Folks don't know this about me, but I have a soft spot for biblical stories. Having been raised half Roman Catholic, half who gives a hooey, I have an abundant knowledge of Christian bible quotes and intricacies. Regardless of your beliefs,...


See Exodus: God and Kings early and free

So you want to see a biblical epic with white people starring in the roles of Egyptians? I can do that for you. Exodus: Gods and Kings might not be heating up with hot buzz, but it still could be awesome. That's why you'll grab some pa...

Exodus Trailer photo

Newest Exodus: Gods and Kings trailer lets the people go

I can't watch help but watch these trailers for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings without thinking about all of the other times I've seen this story played out on film. The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt, that one episode of The...

Exodus: Gods and Kings photo

Ridley Scott addresses Exodus: Gods and Kings' White cast

Casting in Hollywood has always been predominantly White. You can argue about certain stars or certain roles, but that's the cold, hard truth. Regardless of the film, the leads have always been a certain race, and in a perfect world, I coul...


New images for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings

We've seen a scant few images from Ridley Scott's upcoming Exodus: Gods and Kings (that's a new full title by the way), which stars Christian Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as Pharo Ramses. Nothing says Egypt like two white guys. Grea...


First image of Christian Bale in Exodus has a beard

If there is one thing that Hollywood has taught us that is a historical fact it is that Moses had a beard. While Bale's beard in Ridley Scott's Exodus might not be as epic as Charleton Heston's was it is good to know that they are keeping o...

American Hustle Review photo

Review: American Hustle

As I sit here, trying in vain to remember anything of importance about David O. Russell’s latest film American Hustle -- which I saw hours ago -- I have to ask myself the question: is this my fault? I saw the ads and read the title, s...

Out of the Furnace Review photo

Review: Out of the Furnace

When I sat down to watch Out of the Furnace, I had nothing but high hopes for the film. The trailers looked amazing and suspenseful and the premise seemed engaging. Plus, how could I possibly get burned on a film that stars some of my favor...

American Hustle trailer photo

American Hustle second trailer does the hustle

After David O. Russell's somewhat overblown (but still entertaining) Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle brings the style full force. The film stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as a con duo who're roped into an FBI plan to take down ...


Christian Bale is Moses in Ridley Scott's Exodus

Ridley Scott's upcoming Bible film, Exodus, is already a hot topic thanks to it being about the Bible, but it's about to get even more interesting as the aptly named Christian Bale has been officially cast as Moses for the film. Joel Edgert...


Rumor: WB offers Bale $60 million to return as Batman

A number of names have been floated to play the Caped Crusader in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Some possibilities include Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Scott Adkins, and Orlando Bloom. Time to add another name to the mix: Chr...


American Hustle gets all up in the 70s in first trailer

David O. Russell is back and this time the movie looks a bit more interesting than his overrated Silver Linings Playbook. This is definitely the O. Russel that I recognize, with plenty of drama, style and personality crammed into a trailer...

Justice League photo

Christian Bale won't be in the Justice League movie

With rumors that the upcoming (and quite inevitable now that Man of Steel decimated millions of small towns) Justice League movie was going forward with a new version of Batman already, many figured that Christian Bale wasn't in the picture...


Check out American Psycho with Huey Lewis and Weird Al

So I would totally be down for a full-length parody of American Psycho starring Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News and Weird Al Yankovic, but that may be just me personally. Regardless, Funny or Die released a video that is exactly that,...


Rumor: Nolan overseeing Justice League, Bale will return

After Will Beall's Justice League script got thrown out, things looked really bleak for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. But according to a scoop from Latino Review, WB is now turning to two people who've been successful for them in the past: C...


Christian Bale reunites with David O.Russell in new drama

Geez, who wants to see these two hacks get back together again, amirite? What's that you say? Academy Award winning performance? Multiple awards and nominations? Oh, that Christian Bale and David O. Russell. Silly me. Then this is fantastic...


Song of the day: Christian Bale is at Your Party

A couple months ago, Rob Cantor (of Tally Hall fame) wrote the greatest song about Shia LaBeouf ever. Well, he's back at it, this time writing a song about Christian Bale. Because Batman. Sampling clips of Bale's now legendary verbal assau...


13 minute Dark Knight Rises featurette aims to amaze

Holy crap, guys, The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters next Friday. It's the film many of us have been aching to see since first stepping out of The Dark Knight four years ago. Four years ago, I was unmarried, still in college, an...


Most recent TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises

As July draws closer and closer, we're getting a few more TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, and they're revealing little snippets of the plot. I alluded to the spots in the comments of yesterday's post on Christian Bale and a fourth Batm...


Christian Bale is open to another Batman with Nolan

Christian Bale has left the Bat-door open. If Christopher Nolan has the reins on a fourth Batman film, the actor would hop on board. Bale recently told Empire the following: My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it's appro...


New images from Dark Knight Rises, plus a plot exclusive

In the final months of the juggernaut that is the Dark Knight Rises marketing campaign, we're getting more images from the film daily. The latest shots feature more Bane and Catwoman than yet seen. But these pictures also tell a s...


Review: The Flowers of War

There had been a lot of Oscar-buzz building for Zhang Yimou's The Flowers of War, and with good reason. Yimou's previous works include Raise the Red Lantern, The Road Home, Hero, and House of Flying Daggers. Christian Bale was som...


Three new Dark Knight Rises images; midnight tix sell out

Over at Entertainment Weekly, three new images have arisen for The Dark Knight Rises. There's nothing too revealing here: a little more Bane, Commissioner Gordon commissioning and Gordon-ing, and Batman and Bane fighting for the soul of Got...


Trailer: The Flowers of War

Last week I mentioned that my interest in Zhang Yimou's The Flowers of War has been growing. Based on a novel by Geling Yan, the movie stars Christian Bale as a man trying to shelter young girls and prostitutes during the Nanking Massacre....


New posters and images from The Flowers of War

I've been getting more and more interested in The Flowers of War as the year draws to a close. Directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Christian Bale, the film is the most expensive Chinese movie ever made. (That distinction previously be...


Striking new poster for Zhang Yimou's The Flowers of War

Last month we brought you the trailer for Zhang Yimou's latest film, The Flowers of War. Now we have a recently released poster for the film, which is a striking visual representation of that title. Movie posters are a lost art these days, ...


Trailer: The Flowers of War

Before beginning work on The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale starred in a big-budget Chinese movie called The Flowers of War by Zhang Yimou. The movie is based off of a historical novel about the Nanking Massacre, and centered around a g...


Rooney Mara rumored for Oldboy remake

It seems that this project has a slow and steady trickling effect that keeps on giving. First we heard that Spike Lee would be directing the Oldboy remake, which both disgusted and intrigued people. Then we heard that Christian Bale was goi...


Christian Bale in Oldboy Remake?

What has become the diehard enthusiast (fanboy) hullabaloo of the decade, the Oldboy remake has just gotten juicier. Christian Bale, known for such obscure roles as Batman, is now considering his options for which film he will take on next....


A new Terrence Malick film with Christian Bale

Terrence Malick has the strangest pattern of movie making magic coursing through his essence. The guy makes two films, then disappears for two decades. He comes back with three more, each taking years just to edit, but now suddenly decides ...

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