The fabulous cosplay of Flame Con 2018

This past weekend, I went up to New York City to attend Flame Con, an event that bills itself as the world's largest queer comic con. Artists, writers, and creators were in attendance, the weekend-long event taking place in the Sherato...


New York Comic Con 2017: Saturday's Cosplay

Representing Flixist, this lonely writer made his first pilgrimage to the holly mecca of nerddom that is the New York Comic Con. I'd done my research. I'd read the guide, and reached out to those I knew who'd bravely gone before me. Their w...


The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature has a trailer

With a title like The Nut Job 2 being tossed about, my expectations were unusually high. So, it's not a Mel Gibson biopic. Big deal. And no, it's not a cleverly veiled marketing ploy for Charlie Sheen's 9/11 movie--whatever the hell th...

NYCC Cosplay photo

NYCC: Cosplay photos from the floor

If you live in New York, you're probably used to walking pretty quickly to get from points A to B. This makes being in a packed convention center like the Javitz Center during the increasingly popular New York Comic Con absolutely maddening...


NYCC 2013: Cosplay Photos

Another New York Comic Con means a whole lot of great cosplay. In my days at the con, I was able to snap a fair amount of pics, the best of which I'm sharing here. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the convention on Sunday because o...


NYCC: Cosplay from Sunday

The final day of New York Comic Con meant horrible musk on the main floor -- it was like the inside of a gym sock at the bottom of a laundry bag. It took a little time to acclimate to the awful smell. There was still a lot of cosplay to app...


NYCC: Cosplay from Saturday

The busiest day at the New York Comic Con meant very little space to move around but a lot of cosplay. Here's a solid batch of pics I took while wandering the Javits Center and the area around the convention. One last batch of cosplay pics ...


NYCC: Cosplay from Friday

Here's a small batch of cosplay photos from Friday at the New York Comic Con. I took a few photos with one of Alec's cameras, which he'll upload eventually. I'm going to be taking a lot more the next two days, so keep an eye out for those. ...


See Merida in action at a Disney park

Pixar's Brave is gearing up for its Disney Park debut in a huge way. The Scottish princess herself, Merida, will soon be roaming the mean streets of Epcot, and wherever they end up putting her in Disneyland. While she hasn't joined th...


C2E2 2012: Cosplay it, don't spray it

This year's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) took place from April 13th to April 15th. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a film presence this year, so my friend Charles and I decided to do what half of the rest of the convent...


NYCC: Cosplay from lazy Sunday

Sundays at big comic cons tend to be the lazy family days, which means you need to be extra careful when you're walking around lest you want to be muderized by angry parents. For me, Sunday is the day I show up a little late, do some shoppi...


NYCC: More cosplay from the show floor

Earlier today, Hubert brought you some pictures of some of the more interesting characters populating the New York Comic Con show floor, and, though the Con may have ended, we must still sit hunched over or laptops sorting through hundreds ...


NYCC: Cosplay from Friday and Saturday

It's been a long, strange schlep through the Javits Center for this year's New York Comic Con, which included a random encounter with Tom Scharpling of WFMU's The Best Show, the exchange of money for more comic books than I have time to rea...


Cosplay from Disney's D23 Expo

I am not a cosplayer. I don't have the level of dedication and moxie it takes to construct a costume and wear it for an entire day. I don't even know if I have that level of dedication for anything (besides, uh, writing for Flixist of cours...


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