Bond distribution rights go to Annapurna

Every studio wants a piece of James Bond. The movies are hits no matter what. They bring in money, and that's why landing the distribution rights to the films was a massive deal with almost every studio out there putting bids in. MGM was lo...

Xavier Dolan photo

Xavier Dolan's Tom at the Farm gets US distribution

Xavier Dolan's Tom at the Farm (Tom à la ferme) will finally be distributed to the United States, via Amplify Releasing. The psychological thriller had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, and has since been distri...

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A24 acquires Atom Egoyan's Remember

My (our) love for A24 is well documented, and thus, it's always fun to follow news about their distribution plans - especially when it comes fresh from the Croisette in Cannes.  The latest news comes to us from Deadline, who can confir...


A24 ready to make their first original movie

It's official! Everybody's favorite film distribution and production company, A24, is finally set to make their first original movie, and they've hired none other than Cary Fukunaga to direct. The untitled project will be written by Diana O...


A24 acquires Tribeca-drama Mojave

Okay... I love you A24, but you need to leave Oscar Isaac alone. You're lucky he even preforms for you bastards! (Yes, this was a "leave Britney alone" joke in 2015. Fire me).  Personal outcry aside, A24 has acquired the distribution r...


Netflix makes first purchase at SXSW

As Netflix has made production/distribution deals with names like Adam Sandler, the Duplass Brothers and, just two weeks ago, Cary Fukunaga, it comes as no surprise to see them toss their wallet around at SXSW. As they've acquired the world...


Netflix to distribute Beasts of No Nation

Netflix's venture into original series production (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black) has been a huge success for the streaming service, and late last year they seemed intent on making a name for themselves with movie production as we...

Paramount and them VODs photo

Paramount looking to expand on "day-and-date" VOD indies

While going out to see a movie is getting more and more expensive, it makes smaller independent movies more of a risk to the consumer. Would you rather spend you ten dollars on a smaller film like Only God Forgives, or go with the big budge...


Paramount seeks to grab new Terminator rights

Paramount seems to be on a hot streak recently with the grabbing of all these new movie rights. Next on their lineup, Paramount is in negotiations currently to have the distribution rights for the next Terminator. This newest one is being p...


Flixclusive Interview: Nicolas Gonda, co-founder of Tugg

I'm really jazzed about Tugg. I've written about it a little, and I think that, if it takes off, it's a platform that can really change the way people think about distributing their own movies in our era of social media. Hell, if people can...


The Apocalypse gets picked up by Sony, loses 75% of title

Back in October of last year, we learned that not only will the short trailer Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse would be turned into a feature length film, but the likes of Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, James Franco and Danny McBride would star...


Distribution life for Juan of the Dead via Focus Features

Following the paths previously blazed by Cuban baseball players and Elian Gonzalez, Juan of the Dead will finally find its way to US shores. Thanks to Focus Features, Cuba's first zombie film will find US distribution, allowing those u...


The Raid will see a US release

Way back in the old days of September, a small indonesian film called The Raid was making waves at the Toronto International Film Festival. When the red band trailer was unleashed, the Flixist collective suffered from a bad case of bro-bone...


Festival films find distribution from Drafthouse Films

As awesome as film festivals are, a huge downer about them is that they screen a large number of films that won't reach larger audiences because finding distribution can be hard, especially for foreign films that may serve a niche audience....


Relativity Media makes move into China

Last month, I wrote an article about the difficulties Hollywood faces in exploiting the lucrative Chinese cinemagoing market and how the Communist government are restricting the import of foreign movies. Relativity Media has taken a new app...


He's back: Schwarzenegger in Terminator rights package

He said he wanted to return to the big screen after his term as The Governator ended, and it looks like he's taken a huge step in that direction: Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of a rights package for a collection of Terminator sequels that'...


Sony grabs the rights to continue distributing Bond films

James Bond is a money making machine. Even his bad movies bring in bank, and it is because of this that the distribution rights for Bond films are highly sought after. For the past two films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Sony had ha...


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