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The Decade Decathlon: 2017

Welcome back to the Decade Decathlon, where we're taking an extended look back at the past decade of filmmaking to see what worked, what didn't, and what stories we can learn from the past. With 2016 relegated to the year that no one rememb...


Sequel for overrated Baby Driver is possibly happening soon

I love Baby Driver as long as I don't watch past the first 20 minutes or so. Edgar Wright constructed a masterful short film involving Ansel Elgort's character, Baby, and his music-based driving skills. Then he extended it into a featu...


Flixist on Youtube- Top 5 Buddy Cop Movies of All-Time

In honor of Stuber, I counted down my five favorite Buddy-Cop movies of all-time. Mel Gibson definitely not make the list and neither did Jackie Chan and Chris Rock! But Michael Bay's directorial brilliance somehow did! Check out the list b...


Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho adds some new faces

Edgar Wright might be my favorite director working today. His sense of humor and layered shots in his movies are so well constructed that rewatches are a necessity. He has cast Thomasin McKenzie from Leave No Trace and Matt Smith ...

Baby Driver car chase photo

Watch the opening car chase from Edgar Wright's Baby Driver

Baby Driver was pretty good. Our own Matthew Razak liked Edgar Wright's latest film, though acknowledged in his review that the film's technical wizardry doesn't quite overcome the flawed story and sometimes inconsistent characters. I'm mor...


Review: Baby Driver

Edgar Wright is a director with a specific vision, and it's led him to make some of the most genre-bending films in the past decade, and some of the funniest. It's also led him to leave Ant-Man. How do you bounce back from someone not letti...

Baby Driver casting photo

Lily James cast in Edgar Wrights Baby Driver

Edgar Wright promptly moved on from Ant-Man -- even though the rest of us are still sad about it -- and dove into some more awesome original content with his next film Baby Driver, which will be led by Ansel Elgort as driver with a hea...


J.J. Abrams teases Edgar Wright coming to Star Wars

Well here's a hell of a tease (not to mention what would be an awesome wedding). J.J. Abrams just tweeted this image of him and Edgar Wright holding hands hinting strongly that he's getting married to the man... or that Wright will be direc...

Michael Douglas: Ant-Man photo

Wha...huh? Michael Douglas cast as Ant-Man's Hank Pym

The weeks and weeks of speculation as to which Ant-Man Paul Rudd would be playing have come to an end finally as Marvel revealed today that Michael Douglas has joined Edgar Wright's Ant-Man as Hank Pym, traditionally known as the first...


Rumors of Paul Rudd being Front Runner for Ant-Man TRUE

As we have been saying for weeks, and now confirmed by Edgar Wright, Paul Rudd is most certainly the front runner for the lead role of Hank Pym in the up coming Ant-Man movie that is slated for release July 31, 2015. It is i...

Ant-Man Frontrunners photo

UPDATE: No, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not lead Ant-Man

UPDATE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Edgar Wright have shot down the rumor (Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd were in meetings for the Ant-Man lead) with the former calling it "outright lies." According to an interview with the French website AlloCin...

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Favorite Cornetto Flavor photo

What is your favorite film in the Cornetto Trilogy?

Unfortunately there weren't a lot of responses this week, but the show must go on. With The World's End's imminent release, I thought it would be a good idea to see what people thought so far. Two of us have seen The World's End ...


Trailer: The World's End

It hasn't been that long since the first trailer for The World's End, but we've already got our second look at the film in this new trailer. There's some new jokes, a couple more bits of plot, and more character interactions. Both Simon Pe...


Two new The World's End posters

Two new posters have been released for director Edgar Wright’s newest film, The World’s End. In case we didn’t know this from the first trailer that was released, we can reaffirm that Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Nick ...

 The World's End Trailer photo

Trailer: The World's End

Here it is, everyone! The first trailer for The World's End, the third and final part of the Cornetto trilogy. It looks like Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost are going into Invasion of the Body Snatchers territory with this one, an...


New poster for Edgar Wright's The World's End

The World's End will be hitting the US and the UK in August, and many of us can't wait to finally see what Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost have in store. Up until now there's been very little indication about the mayhem in this las...


First look at Edgar Wright's The World's End

With the stupid Mayan apocalypse upon us, it seems fitting that we should share the first official still from Edgar Wright's The World's End, the third and final part of the Cornetto trilogy. (You may recall the teaser poster for The World'...


Ant-Man, other Marvel films officially dated. Rejoice!

Whenever I'm reminded that Edgar Wright is finally on his way to making his Ant-Man movie, my heart fills with joy and thankfulness. It's no secret that Wright has spent several years working on the concept, and after successfully adap...


The World's End gets teaser poster and release date

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's The World's End has to be my most anticipated film of...ever really. It's the third and final film in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy and there's no doubt this is going to be amazing. Not much is known...


Fan made storyboard of the Ant-Man test reel is awesome

When Marvel presented its wealth of Phase Two plans during the last Comic Con, the unlucky jerks like me who weren't able to attend unfortunately had to hear about Edgar Wright's awesome awesome test reel for his upcoming Ant-Man film seco...


There's no Strange Viggo, but we may see the Ant-Man test

While Dr. Strange may still show up in Thor: The Dark World, we won't see him battling anyone in the buff in a bathhouse. Marvel exec Victoria Alonso completely shut down the rumor that Viggo Mortensen was attached to cameo as Dr. Strange i...


Want to know Tarantino and Scorsese's top ten movies?

Britain's Sight & Sound magazine last week announced the results of its once-a-decade poll of critics and filmmakers to reach a consensus on the greatest movie ever made. Long story short, they opted for Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, even...


Ant-Man may shoot as early as the end of this year

Regardless of what you think of Ant-Man as a character (one-time wife beater) or as a collection of super-powers (ant control/getting super small IS kinda lame), there might be something wrong with you if you're not excited for an Edgar Wri...


Edgar Wright, J.J. Abrams set to bring us Collider

Get ready for some great news. Edgar Wright and J.J. Abrams are teaming up to bring us a new movie called Collider! You're not jumping up and down with joy yet, huh? All right, so like any big Abrams project the thing will be shrouded in my...


Edgar Wright has shot an Ant-Man test reel

Hot on the heels of yesterday's bonanza of Marvel news comes the announcement that Edgar Wright has just completed a short test reel for his long in-development Ant-Man movie. The reel, based from the script he and Joe Cornish hav...


The World's End starts production in September

Well it took 'em long enough! Yesterday, Deadline debuted the news that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's third installment in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, The World's End, will start production this September. That's only like... four mont...


Edgar Wright teases Ant-Man movie for Marvel

Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright has been attached to an Ant-Man movie for Marvel for well over five years now, with the movie reportedly trapped in development hell over scripting issues. However, an image - used as the header for t...


Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright finish The World's End

Fans of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, the series of movies by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, have reason to rejoice today! Many fans knew that the duo had started writing the final entry in the trilogy earlier this year, but now w...


Edgar Wright directing Johnny Depp in The Night Stalker

Johnny Depp has been attached to Disney's adaptation of Kolchak: The Night Stalker since last year, and now Edgar "I Should Be Too Cool For This" Wright has been signed to direct the film. No writer has been attached, as of yet, but Wr...


I Pegg The World's End to be Wright around the corner

Really bad joke title not withstanding, it's still great news to hear that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's The World's End is still being developed slowly but surely. The so-called "Three Flavours Trilogy" aka "The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy...


Edgar Wright has written a script for a musical

For the last three years, Edgar Wright has been hosting a film series at the New Beverly Cinema called the Wright Stuff. During a recent screening of Jacques Demy's The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Wright mentioned he had a new project brewing.&...


The final Blood and Ice Cream film could shoot next year

Even if you don't know what the Blood and Ice Cream (or Three Flavours Cornetto) trilogy is, you know what they are. It's the official name for the "trilogy" of films planned by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost, the first two being ...


Upcoming Edgar Wright triple feature gets badass poster

I'm gonna come right out and say it: This is the best goddamn poster anyone has ever made. Not only does it encompass a creative anthology of a small group of filmmakers (Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright), but it literally EXPLODES with enthusiasti...


A plea: Go see Attack the Block

No doubt you've seen our coverage of Joe Cornish's directorial debut Attack the Block. Needless to say, most of us at Flixist are very excited for the flick. Yesterday, in the spirit of the Forth of July, Alex Katz and I went to the New Bev...


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