Dolph Lundgren to play Aquaboy in Aquaman, or something

At some point, somebody decided to do something with all the 80s, 90s, and early 00s decaying action heroes of films past and made a little move called The Expendables. In the process, they revived the dormant career of one semi-frozen Dolp...

Hulkamania photo

Hulk Hogan says he's playing the villain in Expendables 4

Think The Expendables is going to run out of aging, muscle-bound actors? Think again. Hulk Hogan is claiming that he'll be playing the villain for the fourth film in the implausibly continuing series. Of course, as with many things Hul...

The Expendables 3 photo

Review: The Expendables 3

The Expendables could've been a good series had it been advertised differently. First touted as a return to form for aging 80s action stars as they wax nostalgic about their glory days, The Expendables turned out to be a greyish blob that s...

Expendables 3 Trailer photo

Final trailer for The Expendables 3

Due to some unfortunate events, a digital copy of The Expendables 3 was leaked onto the Internet and was pirated more than 2 million times. Now Lionsgate is trying to sue the individuals responsible claiming that the piracy will hurt their...

Expendables 3 Trailer photo

First full trailer for The Expendables 3

The folks over at Yahoo Movies have released the first teaser for The Expendables 3, showing a couple action beats and the film's pretty sizable cast. I didn't much care for The Expendables One, with its dark color palette and overly serio...


Expendabelles gets a plot description and director

As we all knew -- because we keep up on important thing like this -- The Expendables is getting a all female cast spin off called The ExpendaBelles. It's be in the works for bit, with our last news on it coming a few months ago. The ne...

Expendables 3 Teaser photo

First teaser trailer for The Expendables 3

We've been completely in the dark with The Expendables 3. We've heard about all of that ugly stuff behind the scenes about Bruce Willis, the numerous additions to the cast, but no one really knows what's going on. There hasn't been a ...


Kelsey Grammer joins Expendables 3

Kelsey Grammer isn't a name that immediately pops into mind when you think about casting choices for Expendables 3, but with the news that he's joined the cast it does kind of make sense. Grammer will be taking over a role originally earmar...


Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas go for Expendables 3

Expendables 3 is shaping up to be even more overly full of action badassness as we get confirmation that Mel Gibson will indeed be playing the bad guy and that Antonio Banderas will be joining the already implausibly big cast of elder ...


Maybe Stallone was on to something

Yesterday, we let you know that Bruce Willis had effectively been chucked from the upcoming Expendables 3. Also, that the spiritual heart / driving force of the franchise (i.e., Stallone), had Tweeted a foot into his ass on the way out the ...


Things are getting ugly in "Expendables" land

USA Today is reporting that the soured relationships surrounding the upcoming Expendables 3 have taken an even nastier turn. The film's writer and star Sylvester Stallone tweeted yesterday that former co-star Bruce Willis was no longer invo...


Mel Gibson confirmed as Expendable 3 villian

The Expendables series is something that keeps seeming to work on premise alone. We're all excited to see these action stars get together and do action, and while the movies don't turn out terrible I'm always a bit disappointed they ar...

Expendables 3 photo

Expendables 3 adds Cage, Chan, Snipes and Jovovich

Okay, I'm going to type this calmly. You know how awesome The Expendables was when Sylvester Stallone, Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis had that one scene together? You know how awesome The Expendables 2 wasn't because it decided to ...


Wesley Snipes joins expendables, Gibson to direct?

I'm not really sure which part of this news stories is more surprising. See we were pretty sure Wesley Snipes was dead so him being cast (perfectly) in the next Expendables film is definitely shocking. On the other hand, you have news ...


Jackie Chan will be in The Expendables 3

During a press conference for Chinese Zodiac (CZ12), Jackie Chan mentioned that Sylvester Stallone has given him a role in The Expendables 3. It seems like the role will be meatier than a mere cameo. As Chan explained: Sly had invited me t...


UPDATE: Nicolas Cage not confirmed for The Expendables 3

[UPDATE: Time to put the bunny back in the box. Sylvester Stallone told Deadline that he "has no knowledge of Nic Cage joining Expendables 3." He added that any reports that Cage was in negotiations for the film are false. This doesn't rule...


Hulkamania wants to run wild on Expendables 3, brother

Before his sex tape, dying muscles, messy divorce, and failed reality show, Hulk Hogan was a respectable yellow wearin', wraslin' loon. I have to admit it's sad to see him try strut his less than 24 inch pythons in vain as a desperate atte...


There are now two competing female Expendables films

You know that Adi Shankar produced female version of The Expendables we've slowly been getting news about? Well, looks like we're getting two of those. The second female Expendables film is being produced by Millennium Films and Avi Lerner ...


Katee Sackhoff is now a female Expendable

Joining Gina Carino as the new addition to the female version of The Expendables is Katee Sackhoff, a woman that the Flixist staff totes forgot about when we compiled our own list of female badasses. Now we can't say we're predicting them a...


Gina Carano proves us right, joins female Expendables

You may recall a report that there was a female version of The Expendables in the works. The project now has its first star: Gina Carano. Since putting her MMA career on hold, Carano's been landing a steady stream of work. There was Steven ...


Chuck Norris says goodbye to The Expendables

Looks like ol' Roundhouses and Hatin' Gays won't be returning to the proposed third Expendables picture (which Nic Cage will appear in). When asked about the possibility of his return, he was cordial and said that his role in Expendabl...


Female version of The Expendables in the works

As Geoff alluded to this morning, a female version of The Expendables is now in the works from producer Adi Shankar. Shankar also produced The Grey and the forthcoming films Dredd 3D and Broken City. Newcomer Dutch Southern has been picked ...


The Top 10 Female Badasses

As we planned out Expendables 2 Week we noticed that action cinema, and The Expendables is kind of a sausage fest. The ladies of action hardly get the credit they deserve and they deserve a lot of it. After all, they do every...


Review: The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 is exactly what you want it to be, and nothing more. It's an extravaganza of big explosions, awful puns, ancient stars and barely-there plotting. Like all good ensemble pictures, there's an ample serving of cheese to pay o...


Losing My Virginity: Rocky

[Losing My Virginity articles are reviews written by someone who still hasn't seen an incredibly popular movie after all these years. LMV reviews are interesting in that they can offer the perspective of a person who's untainted by the clou...


The 12 best Jet Li fight scenes

Last year following the teaser trailer for Chinese Zodiac, I put together a list of Jackie Chan's 12 best fight scenes. Now with the release of The Expendables 2, we thought it would be a great chance to look at Jet Li's best fights. While ...


Top Ten Future Expendables

The Expendables is a series pretty much defined by its cast, and speculation is already running rampant about who will be added to the roster for the third entry (assuming there will be one) despite the first sequel still being three days f...


The ten most badass Sylvester Stallone roles

Sylvester "Sly" Stallone has built a career around being a total badass. He goes from film to film blowing stuff up, looking cool, and speaking with a bravado that's slightly mushy. In fact if you inspect his filmography a little closer, yo...


Nic Cage attached to The Expendables 3!

While The Expendables 3 isn't a sure thing (though it will be if the sequel makes bank), casting is already ramping up and getting super, super awesome. That vast bastion of genius insanity, that crazy-bones pile of ACTING TALENT ...


Welcome to Expendables Week

The Expendables was some delightful action fodder even if it didn't live up to all its hype. The true beauty of the film was that all these action stars came together to get action nerds incredibly excited. Now with The Expendables 2 releas...


Two new Expendables 2 clips are all about explosions

Actually, these two clips for Expendables 2 are far less about explosions than I thought they would. Yes, there's a ton of exploding going on here, but what's with the parts that aren't about exploding? That's valuable exploding seconds go...


Expendables 2 gets biblical on your a$$

What could possibly make Expendables 2 seem even more overblown? Getting all up in the Last Supper that's what. While Last Supper parodies are hardly new, rarely has so much action been crammed into one. The bowl of grenades is a nice touch...


The Expendables Musical is a cheerful little ditty

Like me, you've probably said to yourself that most action movies would be about a thousand times better if they were musicals. Until the day Michael Bay decides to make Transformers 4: Singing in the Energon Rain, this video from John and...


Old guys are in this Expendables 2 behind the scenes clip

While I am super excited for The Expendables 2 (thanks to the myriad of amazing, 'splosion fueled promotional material), something about the above clip bothers me. In this quick behind the scenes look, Sly Stallone says that to g...


New Expendables 2 images look expendable

Aside from being a bit more, say, "modern warfare" than one might imagine, these screenshots from upcoming sequel The Expendables 2 promise precisely what they must: action heroes of yesteryear and present day's best attempts at their ...


New Expendables 2 poster does the impossible

You didn't think they could do it, did you? How would it by physically possible to fit every action star starring in The Expendables 2 onto one poster. I mean, we'd seen previous posters with some of them and everyone's name, but havin...


Expendables 2 crash lands a new TV spot

BOOM! KAPOW! EXPLOSION! I'm not sure if explosion is an onomatopoeia, but it should be because that's the only sound that this many guns, kicks, bombs, punches, bullets and explosions could make. With the new TV spot for Expendables 2...


Expendables 2 will be rated R, Mister Falcon

You may recall reports at the beginning of the year that Chuck Norris hobbled Expendables 2 into a PG-13 rating. Turns out that Chuck isn't a fan of the swear words, so Sylvester Stallone supposedly cut all the naughty cusses from the film....


Chuck Norris lames Expendables 2

Chuck Norris has roundhouse kicked any chance of a career revival square in the face with the news that he's an utter, utter wuss. A big deal was made of his appearance in Expendables 2, but it now looks like it came at quite a cost: specif...


Tennis star Novak Djokovic is in Expendables 2

Flixist's own EIC Matthew Razak pointed out the video above when news came of Novak Djokovic's appearance in The Expendables 2. No word on if he'll be serving hand grenades at people or gathering together Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Wa...


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