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Fan-made Recess film coming soon

For those of us who grew up watching cartoons on ABC's One Saturday Morning, the show Recess will likely sound familiar. Featuring a gang of friends (who were really just misfits) and all their adventures at their very unique Elementary Sch...

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Flix for (Not So) Short: Wrestling Isn't Wrestling

Regardless of your feelings toward Max Landis' work (last seen in Chronicle), the guy can put together an interesting, and informative pop culture video. The last time we saw one of his videos, he took on the famous Death of Superman arc f...

FFS: Power Rangers photo

Flix for Short: Power/Rangers, a super gritty MMPR fan film

Last year, around the time Saban and Lionsgate announced they were working on a new Power Rangers movie, I wrote up a few ways to do it properly. One of those suggestions is to keep the grimdark stuff as far away as possible. I don't under...

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We're getting more Dredd films...sort of

Since Dredd released back in 2012, fans of the character (as well as we here at Flixist) have been chomping at the bit for a sequel. It's one of the rare situations where we enjoyed a film so much, we want more of it rather than just gettin...

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Trailer for Mudbloods makes Quidditch awesome

Harry Potter has a huge, huge fandom. Spanning seven books, eight movies (possibly more soon), theme parks, and now a real sport based on the fantasy sport Quidditch. While I never liked the Quidditch sections of the story (thankfully, it ...

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Flix for Short: Wonder Woman

While DC Comics continues to flounder about with twenty more Batman and Superman movies, I suppose this fan film from Rainfall films is the only incarnation of Wonder Woman we'll see on screen. Well, not including the Linda Carter version ...


Watch Affleck, Cranston in fan-made Man of Steel 2 teaser

As you have probably heard, the internet basically blew itself up when it was revealed that Ben Affleck, most recently of Argo fame, has been cast to play Batman opposite Henry Cavill's Superman in Zach Snyder's 2015 sequel, Batman vs. Sup...

Pacific Godzilla photo

Godzilla style fan trailer for Pacific Rim is wonderful

Pacific Rim may not have been the best thing since sliced Godzilla bread, but it did inspire a lot of folks with how much it resembled other things. First we had that nice fan trailer cut with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers music, and now w...


Flix for Short: Dead Space: Chase to Death

Last month, my cousin and I played through Dead Space expecting a cerebral, ridiculously scary game. Instead, we just shot through hundreds of Necromorphs and combat rolled everywhere. What a shame, too, since we both heard that the f...


Had a bad day? Here's Arnold SchwarzenVader

Ever watch Star Wars and think, "what if Darth Vader had Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice"? Thanks to this fan dub by YouTube user seifer2846, all those questions are answered. The dub hits its peak when Vader tosses the Emperor down that sha...


Flix for (Moderately) Short: Sonic Fan Film

After a very long wait since the first trailer was released, Eddie Lebron's Sonic the Hedgehog fan film has finally been completed. Gamers had a chance to screen a near final cut at last week's MagFest while the rest of us waited until yes...


Bane really loves nutrition in this awesome "outtake" vid

Normally I'm not a huge fan of fan dubs (because most of the time they're juvenile and asinine), but this set of Bane "outtakes," from YouTube user Auralnauts, is just excellent. I'd like to think the dub is so great because it's so damn c...


Flix for Short: Looper Trailer Sweded

Did you read Matt's review of Looper one hour ago? Holy maloney, it's going to be sweeeeet! Unfortunately I won't get to see it until sometime next week, but thankfully for the unlucky shmooks like myself, we have this awesome fan made ver...


Fan made storyboard of the Ant-Man test reel is awesome

When Marvel presented its wealth of Phase Two plans during the last Comic Con, the unlucky jerks like me who weren't able to attend unfortunately had to hear about Edgar Wright's awesome awesome test reel for his upcoming Ant-Man film seco...


Flix for Short: Batman: Puppet Master

The thing that bugged me the most about the Nolan Batman films was that the quirkier villains were not allowed to exist. Something about "gritty serious Batman is better blah blah"  always rubbed me the wrong way. This awesome fan fil...


Flix for Short: Superman's Best Friend

This will probably be the best thing I'll see all day. In this gorgeous animated short by Brett Underhill, Superman, after a hard day of saving the world, has to take his dog Krypto out for his evening walkies, with slightly unpredictable ...


Flix for (Not So) Short: Y: The Last Man Rising

With progress on the Y: The Last Man film adaptation progressing at a snail's pace, a fan film has recently emerged to satiate the comic's fans. Entitled Y: The Last Man Rising, the "fan film" is written and directed by Christian Cardona, ...


Flix for Short: Dirty Laundry

"Do you know the difference between justice...and punishment?" Holy crap. So, this is a Punisher fan film made by Thomas Jane, with Jane as the Punisher for the first time since the 2004 movie. It screened a couple days ago at Comic-C...


Trailer: Sonic Fan Film

Sonic the Hedgehog is near and dear to me, so much so that my first tattoo was of the Sonic Team logo. It's definitely been a whirlwind of highs and lows since the good old Sega Genesis days, unfortunately. However, beyond the real of gamin...


George Lucas Strikes Back reveals why the prequels sucked

George Lucas was never the most artistically talented filmmaker, but he had some great ideas and knew how to surround himself with people that would make them happen. But then, something changed in the decade between Indiana Jones and the ...


Wes Anderson video gives hipsters a reason to smile

Wes Anderson's style has become very distinctive in the indie film scene. It's because of this style that many spoofs are floating around on the internet. Despite his polarizing approach to films (you either love him or hate him), Anderson...


Fallout: Nuka Break is a pretty cool fan film

What with our sister site being one of the best video game sites ever, we’re fond of the video games, even though it’s a completely proven fact that they destroy children’s brains. As...


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