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David Fincher sets his next film: Mank, starring Gary Oldman

It's been five years since we got a feature out of Fincher. Gone Girl was a 2014 smash, though he's certainly kept busy. He directed episodes of Mindhunter, the serial killer procedural series for Netflix that he executive produced. But Dav...

Child 44 trailer photo

First trailer for Child 44 debuts

Child 44 tells the story of a Soviet military officer investigating a series of gruesome child murders in a country where murder isn't supposed to exist. Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Rob Smith and directed by Daniel Espinosa, this...

Robocop photo

First trailer for RoboCop remake has cops and robots

Ever since the first set photos of the new RoboCop's armor leaked onto the Internet, Flixist has been in a state of somewhat worry. Max thought the armor looked okay, but most of us were a little taken aback by the sleeker look. Then fishy...


Cast expands for Monster Butler biopic

Gary Oldman and Dominic Monaghan are now attached to Malcolm McDowell's passion project Monster Butler. Directed by Doug Rath and produced by Dark House Films, Butler is a true story about bisexual jewel thief and serial killer Archibald Ha...


Flixist Awards 2011: Best Actor

How brilliant are actors?! They can look at a tennis ball and see a bus. They can run down the street being pursued by an alien predator, then remember that exact feeling for when they're in a movie. They can have a real life name, a fake p...


Three new Dark Knight Rises images; midnight tix sell out

Over at Entertainment Weekly, three new images have arisen for The Dark Knight Rises. There's nothing too revealing here: a little more Bane, Commissioner Gordon commissioning and Gordon-ing, and Batman and Bane fighting for the soul of Got...


Pitt, Clooney, Mara, Gosling depict film villains for NYT

For this year's Hollywood issue of the New York Times Magazine, artist Alex Prager has created videos of 13 stars depicting iconic film villains. There's an accompanying photo series by Prager as well. Some of these are very specific: ...


Tinker Tailor may become a Smiley series

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy has been receiving strong reviews across the board since its first screening at the Venice Film Festival and subsequent release in the UK. Unsurprisingly, with Gary Oldman expressing his interest in reprising hi...


Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A film's central character will usually become the face of the story being told. They will speak when something needs to be said, gasp when something is shocking and cry when something is sad. Other characters will make contributions too, b...


Gary Oldman is a great actor and a horrible liar

Sometimes in life, you have to compromise. You have to do what's done to make a dollar. Wear a polo shirt, be on call, respect the irredeemable. There are just too many shades of grey to stay true to yourself one hundred percent of the tim...


Spies are the new Vampires

Whoever said Fairies are the new Vampires obviously missed the bigger picture. Yes, there's four Snow White projects on deck, but will they be any good under the guidance of commercial directors often criticized for taking style over sub...


First images released from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

The upcoming adaptation of John Le Carré's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, as directed by Let The Right One In's Tomas Alfredson, is a movie I am very much looking forward to. It has an outstanding cast - counting Gary Oldman, Colin Firth...


Universal to distribute Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

With a release date of September 16th in place for the UK, it has been announced that the upcoming adaptation of John Le Carré's classic spy novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy has been picked up by Universal for distribution in the U...


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