Ghostbusters LEGO photo

Lego to officially release Ghostbusters set

Joining the recently (and awesomely) announced The Simpsons licensed set, Brent Waller's Ghostbusters CUUSOO project (a site where artists can pitch ideas to be made into real sets much like the Back to the Future set released some time ago...


Dan Aykroyd talks Ghostbusters 3 plot

The third installment of Ghostbusters has been bouncing around forever, but it is still a thing that may happen. We've already heard that the films will focus on a younger generation of Ghostbusters, with the old guys passing the torch...


Ghostbusters 3 is delayed again, may never leave limbo

Alright everyone, let's all agree that this is starting to get sad. Super sad. First Dan Aykroyd wanted to a Ghostbusters 3 and had a script, then Bill Murray was all like "nuh uh to your uh huh." After a few years of Murray trouble, Aykroy...


Ghost-inspired art by Scott C.

With the release of artist Scott C.'s adorably witty The Great Showdowns, I figured it'd be worthwhile to share some of Scott C.'s artwork for Halloween. So here, gathered in one place, are Scott C. watercolors inspired by Ghost. (A lot of ...


See a midnight shadowcast of Ghostbusters in NYC

I noticed this while checking out the schedule at the IFC Center the other day. It looks like they're doing special midnight screenings of Ghostbusters on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th. The screenings will feature the Mini...


Ghostbusters 3 possibly filming as early as next summer

It almost seems cruel to post news about the long purported Ghostbusters 3 because nothing ever comes to fruition, no matter how many drafts of the script are written or how many times Dan Aykroyd reassures us that it's on th...


Does Ivan Reitman want a Ghostbusters reboot?

Sometimes I feel like my childhood has just had a train run on it. Is that a bit hyperbolic as an analogy? Sure, but that still doesn't make my six year old self feel any better about the things I've had to witness as an adult. Ghostbusters...


The Ghostbusters theme played on eight floppy drives

This is Ray Parker, Jr.'s theme song to Ghostbusters played on eight old school floppy drives. In other words, this is now your new jam. It's like a proto-Sega Genesis sound card octet. This bit of ingenuity comes courtesy of Mr.SolidSnake...


Ghostbusters ain't afraid of going on without Bill Murray

With all of this will they or won't they melodrama surrounding the production of a third Ghostbusters film, it's refreshing to finally have some decisive news on the subject. According to Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray is NOT RETURNING for t...


Ghostbusters 3 still up in the air without Bill Murray

The hodgepodge of Ghostbusters 3 rumors continues on. Collider recently shared some choice quotes from an interview by The Telegraph with Dan Aykroyd about his thoughts on the future of Ghostbusters 3. No surprises: Bill Murray is...


Peter Venkman could be recast in Ghostbusters 3

Here's some depressing news. Picture a new Ghostbusters film, which we know could be awesome based on 2009's Ghostbusters: The Video Game, since it was basically a sequel. Now, replace Bill Murray with someone else. Just doesn't feel right,...


Bill Murray shreds Ghostbusters 3 script

Oh, Bill Murray... What are we going to do with you? Yes, Bill Murray has finally read the Ghostbusters 3 script... and hated it. The former ghostbuster hated the script so much, in fact, that he actually sent it back to Dan Aykroyd and Har...


Ghostbusters 3 busted by Bill Murray?

Ghostbusters 3 has been in "Production Hell" for years now, so the fact that the movie has suffered another hitch has got to fall on deaf ears by now. Bill Murray has been the epicenter of almost every piece of bad news surrounding the prod...


Want to know if Ghostbusters is playing near you?

Because I am the master of all Internet Fact, I proved in my last article about the Ghostbusters re-release that if you don't like Ghostbusters, you deserve to be eaten by wolves and stapled into a human centipede. Also, the staples have so...


Sigourney Weaver talks Avatar and Ghostbusters

Ready for a one two punch of plot details from everyone's favorite science fiction heroine Sigourney Weaver? She's been talking up a storm since she's on the interview rounds for Abduction and thus questions about two of her most popular ro...


Ghostbusters gets rereleased; bustin to make me feel good

If you don't think Ghostbusters is one of the best movies ever made, you're probably a Communist terrorist tax dodger. You are literally the worst person possible. That's an accomplishment worthy of some applause. I'd bet even Hit...


Ghostbusters III is a go, Bill Murray is a no... maybe

Dan Aykroyd, aka Ray, confirmed on Dennis Miller Radio that Ghostbusters III is a GO! Shooting will likely begin in the Spring, though he couldn't confirm or deny Bill Murray's availability, saying simply, "yes, we will be doing the movie a...


Ghostbusters wedding cake makes me wish I was married

I know this isn't Caketaku, but I couldn't resist sharing this amazing wedding cake with you all. Charm City Cakes has rendered in cake the climactic scene from Ghostbusters, but with the bride and groom in place of the usual crew. /Film sp...


Ghostbusters 3 held up by an unlikely source

There have been some recent rumors that indicate that Ghostbusters 3 isn’t entirely a dead picture. However, outside of those same rumors and speculations that have been rolling around since Ghostbusters 2, t...


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