Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of The Greasy Strangler

Enter our contest for a Blu-ray copy of The Greasy Strangler. I don't have many words for this one, so just play along with me, here. I've got a Blu-ray copy of The Greasy Strangler. Why? I don't know. I'm just plain broken, I gue...

Human Centipede photo

Human Centipede 3 gets release date and plot synopsis

When the first Human Centipede, a terrible experiment of a film that gave us new levels of disgusting, released, who would've guessed we'd be talking about a third film five years later? No one. No one could've possibly guessed. Well, now&n...

Poultrygeist and Buffalo photo

Poultrygeist: The Movie Buffalo, NY Deserves

I was born and raised just outside of Buffalo, New York. It took me 19 years before I managed to escape this rotting hellhole. Even then I have to go back every so often. Living in this area is nothing short of miserable, and it seems the...


NSFW: Red band trailer for Filth sure is filthy

James McAvoy stars in Filth as Scottish Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, a man with a lot of vices who'll do anything to get his way. This red band trailer for Filth is very NSFW, so you can check it out below, along with a poster featur...

Thanatomorphose Review photo

Fantasia Review: Thanatomorphose

The other week, Alec and I had a good discussion about extreme horror and disturbing cinema. Inevitably the best films that are disturbing, or at least the ones that don't feel like pure sadism, are the ones with artistic value. This can be...


Steve Pink directing Bad Santa 2

Bad Santa was a funny movie. Hilarious, in fact. It also made a metric ton of money, and anything that makes money in Hollywood needs to be made at least twice. A sequel was confirmed some time ago, but it looks like a director has finally ...


Take a look at Renesmee, the vampire kid from Twilight

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 was possibly one of the stupidest stories I've seen on screen, and this is coming from a guy who could actually tolerate the previous two films (not the first one, though). I can't even imagine how dumb the bo...


Human Centipede 2 Interview: Sick or just demented?

So, we didn't like Tom Six's Human Centipede 2 very much. In fact, you can probably say we hated it. Yet, I can't help but feel even more fascinated by the sick, demented mind of Tom Six after seeing it. If you feel the same way, then you m...


David Cronenberg has written a sequel to The Fly

The Fly is one of the last David Cronenberg movies I haven't seen. I think I've seen the last ten minutes about a billion times, though. Just never saw the actual movie. One of those things, I guess. Anyway, there's been a rumor for a ...


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Recap: The Mandalorian (Season 1, Episode 1)"Star Wars, but with more shooting"


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Lady and the Tramp"Wait, this isn't a cash grab?"




Primal"Cage v. Jaguar"


Official Secrets"For your eyes only"


Doctor Sleep"Not The Shining"


Red Letter Day"'You were going to kill my daughter... live on the internet!?'"


Terminator: Dark Fate"We're fated to get more sequels"


Inside Game"A different kind of whistleblower"


Marla"IUDEAD on arrival"


The Lighthouse"A twisted tale of American horror"


Zombieland: Double Tap"New zombies, same jokes"


Carmen Sandiego (Season Two)"Sins of the father"


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"EEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIIL"


Trick"Give me something good to stab (and stab and stab)"


Metallica: S&M²"Fight Fire With Fire"


LFF Harriet"Be free or die"


Gemini Man"Does whatever a gemini can"


LFF The Aeronauts"Reach for the sky"