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Review: Lady and the Tramp

It's finally happened. Disney+ has launched and the streaming wars have begun in earnest. Oh sure, companies have been competing against each other for the better part of a year about which of their streaming services would be better, but i...


See The Art of Racing in the Rain early and free

The Art of Racing in the Rain might be the the ultimate "talking dog" movie. We're reaching an apex here with dog movies and this film is just so obvious in its dog movieness it's starting to feel like it might be the end of the trend....


Review: A Dog's Way Home

Greetings, humans. I am Lacey. I am the pupper of Jesse. I am here to tell you all of the new doggo movie, A Dog's Way Home. Why is Jesse not telling you of this new movie? Because my human is sleepy. He came back from the movie theater lat...

Max Trailer photo

First trailer for military dog film Max

I'm a sucker for a good dog movie. That goes double for sad dog movies, or movies about dogs that go on journeys. So this trailer for Max lumps all of that together, and I'm positive I'll be a blubbering mess after watching the full featur...

Best Dog photo

2014's Best Dog in Film

As good as the films of 2014 were, you know what was even better? The animals. There were lots of standout roles for animals this year, both real and imaginary. In almost every film I watched, there was some cute dog or cat hanging around j...

White God Trailer photo

Trailer for White God features the dogpocalypse

Remember those awesome Homeward Bound movies? White God is nothing like that. Imagine the worst possible outcome for that film (and throw in Lady and the Tramp for good measure) and you've got what looks and sounds like a great film.  ...

Jurassic Bark photo

Jurassic Park could've used more dogs

A guy inserted his bulldog Wally into a Jurassic Park scene and now I can't stop thinking about how much better "Jurassic Bark" would've been. [via alienufosarereal]

NF: Santa Buddies photo

Nick's Flixmas: Santa Buddies

The fact that a movie like Santa Buddies can exist still boggles my mind. What was originally just Air Bud, a movie a a cool friggin' dog that could shoot some cool friggin hoops for days, turned into Air Bud: Golden Retriever, Air Bud: Wor...


Flix for Short: Omelette

Omelette was created by artist Madeline Sharafian at Calarts. The story follows a happy-go-lucky dog who loves its master so much that it'll do anything to take care of him. The short film is super adorable and I love the muted but cohesiv...

Marcel Sarmiento Inter. photo

Interview: Marcel Sarmiento (The ABCs of Death)

Of the 26 short films that comprise The ABCs of Death, one of the best is Marcel Sarmiento's "D" is for Dogfight. Anyone who's seen The ABCs of Death can't help but mention how stylish and effective the short is. Since it comes early in the...


WB interested in Casablanca 2, incites global facepalming

A long-standing joke about creatively soulless Hollywood executives has a young buck standing up and proposing a sequel to the 1942 Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman classic, Casablanca. Inevitably, that joke is now threatening to come true, w...


Two new Frankenweenie clips get creepy with it

Although these are essentially extended versions of scenes you could find in the trailer, they do last long enough to give a little of the creepy vibe that is going to flow through Frankenweenie. Most notably, the score samples in the two ...


Trailer: Vampire Dog

In the straight to DVD flick releasing next Tuesday, (why Norm why?) Norm MacDonald plays a talking dog who drinks the color red from like jelly and stuff. Then a "Cruella De Vil" type villainess tries to catch him for her p...


Flix for Short: Play Dead

Play Dead asks the question that I've often asked when it comes to the zombie apocalypse: what will happen to all our pets? The short film follows a group of dogs as they find themselves separated from their masters and thrown into a ...


David Duchovny wants new X-Files movie against all logic

Another day, another X-Files alum talking up the possibility of a third movie despite the last one, I Want To Believe, failing to recoup even half its production budget at the box-office. This time it's 'Spooky' Mulder himself, David Duchov...


Ten dogs that should have been immortalized before Uggie

I was shocked, and even a little appalled yesterday morning when I found out that Uggie, the dog from The Artist was the first dog ever to get his paw prints immortalized in cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. It just didn't make ...


Uggie is the first dog to put his paws in cement

Well, cement that's outside Grauman's Chinese Theater. Dogs put their paws in wet cement all the time if you're not watching them because they're dogs and they don't know the stuff is wet until they step in it. Anyway, this time it was inte...

 from  flixist

Flixist now has a chat bar! Tell us about your day.

The migration to our new editing software gave us a special treat, and we didn't even notice. What's this new feature that has literally been sitting quietly in the corner? Why, a chat feature, of course! That's right: now you can chat with...


Ultimate Dog Tease to be made into full-length "comedy"

You know that one guy that's all like, "I'm going to put my videos on YouTube and make a million dollars!" and you kind of roll your eyes and humor him, and then he cites Justin Bieber and that Fred guy that the whipper-snappers like and yo...


Awesome Plan 9 From Outer Space poster & screening

Holy moly does this sound like an awesome screening. On December 8th in Seattle, WA, the Seattle International Film Festival will be hosting a screening of Ed Wood's legendary so-terrible-it's-amazing movie Plan 9 From Outer Space! And not ...


Flixclusive Interview: Elmo, Being Elmo

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think to yourself, "Man, this is way too cool. I am never going to top this"? I had that on Friday, when I got to have a chat with Elmo. Yes, that Elmo. The fuzzy red monster adored by child...


Garrett Hedlund officially offered lead role in Akira

The day of judgement is upon us. That live-action, Hollywood, white-washed Akira movie is moving forward. Garrett Hedlund has officially been approached by Warner Brothers to play the lead role of Kaneda. While admittedly, Hedlund's previou...


Flixist will be talking to Tommy Wiseau!

Hey everybody, we have an announcement to make! We're expecting! An interview with The Room maestro, Tommy Wiseau, that is! Yes, this generation's Ed Wood will be chatting with Flixist exclusively, because two is great but three's a crowd. ...


Worst Movie Ever has Worst Opening Ever

With the internet allowing viewers to spread word faster and wider than ever before, the cult of the bad movie has become ever more popular in recent years - from Tommy Wiseau's barmy epic The Room ('Hi doggy!') to anything beloved by our o...


Tommy Wiseau might not have directed The Room

For centuries, scholars have debated whether some of the greatest plays ever written really were authored by William Shakespeare, an argument that challenges the legacy of some of the most important cultural artefacts in human history. Acco...


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