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Indiana Jones 5 delayed, Jonathan Kasdan to write script

Because Lucasfilm wants to wait until Harrison Ford is physically unable to do the role, the fifth Indiana Jones film will miss its originally planned July 10, 2020 release date, according to Variety. Luckily(?), the project'...

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Star Wars: Episode IX and Indiana Jones 5 get release dates

Two massive release dates landed yesterday. The first you knew was coming and isn't much of a surprise: Star Wars: Episode IX will release on May 24, 2019. With the last two Star Wars films hitting in the holiday season we wondere...

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Indian Jones 5 is confirmed, but still in early development

When Disney bought LucasFilm pretty much everyone got excited about Star Wars, but they picked up another franchise that was in series need of saving: Indiana Jones. We all remember where we left that one, right? Space aliens, hiding in ref...


Steven Soderberg made a silent cut of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Steven Soderberg has had some time on his hands after "retiring," and with that time he's been tinkering with the art of film by practicing doing weird and fun stuff. His latest project is turning Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost A...


Rumor: Robert Pattinson front runner for Indiana Jones

Star Wars wasn't Disney's only moneymaker it scooped up when it acquired LucasFilm. Indiana Jones has some legs left in him and we know we'll be seeing more of him at some point. Right now that point isn't clear, but rumors are pointin...


Rumor: Indian Jones could go the way of Bond

Here's an interesting prospect: Indiana Jones going on forever because Harrison Ford isn't the only man who plays him. Latino Review has gotten word that this might be the next step for the franchise as the window for Ford to return is gett...

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Disney nabs future Indiana Jones film rights

Disney continues its quest to own everything most people enjoy with Indiana Jones. Reaching a distribution deal with Paramount, Disney now owns future rights to every future Indiana Jones film (with Paramount still making a small sum off of...


Disney buys LucasFilm

Huge news today, as Disney has bought LucasFilm for $4 billion in cash and stocks. This acquisition includes all LucasFilm brands, including ILM, LucasArts, and Skywalker Sound. Also in the press release, Star Wars: Episode VII gets name dr...


Cool fan art imagines Indiana Jones as an animated series

And to continue this awesome day, here are some pretty sweet images of Patrick Schoenmaker's take on Indiana Jones as an animated series. Just look at Indy! He's got so much damn spunk (that's sadly faded away over the years). In the e...


George Lucas 'not hungry' to do Indiana Jones 5

Some people forgave Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Interminable Title its myriad sins because it wasn't quite as bad as the Star Wars prequels, although even those deluded few must have been a little disheartened by rumours George Luc...


Indiana Jones Blu-rays get their own trailer

In case you hadn't heard Stephen Spielberg is finally getting his act together and putting his films out on Blu-ray. What exactly does that mean? In this case it means that on september 18 we get to buy the first three Indiana Jones films ...


Vic Armstrong stunt and action highlights

Tomorrow we'll run our interview with the legendary stunt performer and action director Vic Armstrong, in which wel talk about his career and the updated edition of The True Adventures of the World's Greatest Stuntman (Titan Books), the mem...


Objects of the Indiana Jones trilogy by Maxime Pecourt

In Maxime Pecourt's posters for the Indiana Jones trilogy (*ahem* trilogy), you notice an immediate affinity for objects. It makes sense since the procurement of artifacts is what sets these films in motion -- the Ark of the Covenant, the S...


Flix for Short: Raiding the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of the movies I would watch over and over again as a kid. I think I still have the soundtrack on cassette somewhere at my folks's place. So here we have a lengthy, lovingly made "filmumentary" (i.e., fan doc...


Win a scary awesome Indiana Jones replica from Tomopop

Remember that one part in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Mr. Kali Ma Shakti De makes Indiana drink the blood of Kali out of a creepy ass skull chalice thingy? Well, it's the Chalice of Kali, which you might soon find starin...


ET and Indy Blu-rays coming soon, ET is original cut

Stephen Spielberg was talking up a storm last night at a 30th anniversary celebratory screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Along with Harrison Ford, the director watched the movie and then answered some questions from the crowd. The most n...


New Indiana Jones movie? Yup, pretty much.

While chatting up his new movie, Morning Glory, to entertainment journalist A.J. Hammer over at CNN, Harrison Ford pretty much confirmed it's a thing that will be happening. Asked the obligatory question about starring in another installmen...


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