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Your Bad Movie Night Guide, Vol. 8: Miami Connection

Continuing to prove that there was no period better than the end of the 80s to deliver flicks that have stood the test of time and have remained bad, meet Miami Connection. It was bad then, bad in the 90s, and is just hilarious n...


Your Bad Movie Night Guide, Vol. 4: Tango & Cash

Imagine a time when movie heroes were heroes not for being pretty, metrosexual types capable of playing a broad range of characters aptly displaying a broad spectrum of emotions, but because they had big muscles, or knew kung-fu. The year i...


Warner Bros. is thinking about a Shining prequel

Warner Bros. is what they like to call "quietly looking in to" doing a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's seminal The Shining. I wish I were making this up. While nothing is set in stone, writer/producers James Vanderbilt, Laeta Kalogridis, and B...


The Stretch Armstrong movie is still a thing somehow

For some reason, people with jobs still think it's a good idea to make a Stretch Armstrong movie. Universal recently sold the rights to the flick over to the suckers at Relativity, and have hired on Breck Eisner (he did that remake of The C...


Trailer: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

If there's only one Chinese artist you've ever heard of, it very well may be Ai Weiwei. The lovable, hard-headed film, photography, sculpture, preformance and installation artist has made headlines over and over for his clashes with the Ch...


Gnomeo and Juliet sequel is a thing, is brilliantly named

Now I haven't seen Gnomeo & Juliet (due to an unsettling fear of being bitten at the ankles), but even without my patronage the film made a good amount of money for Elton John's Rocket Pictures. Now, a sequel is being planned invol...


Flixist joins SOPA/PIPA blackout protest on the 18th

In case you haven't heard, SOPA and PIPA are kind of dumb. Giving corporations and the government the ability to DNS and search engine block websites pretty much goes against everything that wonderful piece of parchment known as the Bill o...


David Cross whines about Alvin and the Chipmunks again

Before I go off on a tangent, let it be known that I adore David Cross. His albums "It's Not Funny" and "Shut Up You F***ing Baby!" got me through loads of editing and producing projects during film school. So when I say that he's acting l...


Flixist will be talking to Tommy Wiseau!

Hey everybody, we have an announcement to make! We're expecting! An interview with The Room maestro, Tommy Wiseau, that is! Yes, this generation's Ed Wood will be chatting with Flixist exclusively, because two is great but three's a crowd. ...


Kung Fu Panda 2 hints at the decline of 3D films. Or not.

Buy! Buy! Buy! Both Hollywood and Wall Street have been enjoying the lucrative numbers associated with the 3D film industry in recent years. But unsurprisingly, someone has an opinion and he wants the world to listen to him, which can often...


Theatres ripping you off even more, dimming 2D movies

Ever go to a 3D movie and notice that the picture is a little dimmer than it should be? That’s because the projectors used to show the 3D movie use a special kind of lens that darkens the image a bit. Add in the fact that you’re...


Detroit gets Robocop statue

I am filled with so much joy over this announcement. /Film is reporting that Detroit will finally get its Robocop statue, thanks to the power of crowdfunding! But first, let's take a look at the history of this project. A guy on Twitte...


Bollywood's latest great idea: Musical Hindi Hitler!

Oh, Bollywood. Is there anything you can't do? Or won't? Already famous for remaking popular Hollywood movies with Hindi casts, musical numbers, gargantuan running times, hilarious special effects and baffling plot developments, it seems th...


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Enter the Fat Dragon"A.K.A. Yakuza: The Movie"


Come to Daddy"Daddy issues"


Cupid"I like you, but I don't 'like' like you"


Gretel & Hansel"Stop me if you've heard this one before..."


The Rhythm Section"The beat does not go on"


Sundance Downhill"Imagine Marriage Story in the Mountains but even less funny"


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The Gentlemen"Laws of the Jungle"


Awkwafina is Nora from Queens - Season One"She's still Nora from the block"


Color Out of Space"Nicolas Cage milks an alpaca"


Bad Boys for Life"Bay to the bone"


The Wave"Wave it away"


Weathering With You"Raindrops keep falling on my head"




Underwater"Dang, ocean, you scary"


Like A Boss"Well, it's watchable"


1917"The long (take) and winding road"