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It's Me It's Me Review photo

Review: It's Me It's Me

Doppelgangers are the stuff of horror and of comedy. It would be uncanny to see yourself as a stranger -- the self's own reflection as the Other -- and yet being able to step outside yourself might provide you with some perspective about yo...

NYAFF/Japan Cuts Recap photo

NYAFF and Japan Cuts 2013 Flixist Awards and Recap

So here we are, the culmination of the past month of our Asian obsession. We did thirty reviews, three interviews, and a whole lot of other stuff. It was certainly a crazy time, but it was a lot of fun. Above is a video of Hubert and me on...

Floating Castle Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: The Floating Castle

There's inherent drama in stories about impossible odds, and some of the better one involve samurais in Feudal Japan. In Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, it was the title band against a horde of bandits (I think it's 40 to 50, off the t...

Impact of Bad Reviews photo

Flixist Discusses: Trash, violence, and scathing reviews

On Sunday I posted a video about the response to my extremely negative review of A Woman and War, explaining why I reviewed it the way I did and also lamenting the misplaced desire to see trash. Hubert called me out on it, and once we got i...

Ravine of Goodbye Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: The Ravine of Goodbye

Sex in films is an odd thing. Personally, it bothers me. I tend to look away from the screen while sex scenes are playing, at least in part because they rarely have any narrative significance. There's sex because sex sells (not to me, but w...

Fly with the Gold Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: Fly With the Gold

I don't watch a whole lot of heist movies. It's not that I don't like them (I do), just that they don't usually show up in my queue. As a reviewer, it can make talking in broad strokes about the genre kind of awkward, because when I say tha...

Bad Film Non-Review photo

NYAFF Non-Review: Sion Sono's Bad Film is a masterpiece

Sion Sono's Bad Film is truly a movie that should not exist. Shot in the mid 90s on Hi8 video, the film ran out of money and lay unfinished for well over a decade. If it were anybody else's project, it would likely have stayed that way fore...

I'M FLASH! Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: I'M FLASH!

At last year's New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts, I saw two films by Japanese director Toshiaki Toyoda: Monsters Club and 9 Souls. I enjoyed both, and I actually wound up liking Monsters Club more after seeing 9 Souls. Thanks to t...

The Warped Forest Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: The Warped Forest

When I explained to a friend that I had just seen a film that featured trees that are actually women with skin colored "branches" that are watered by a woman putting water into her mouth and kissing it into theirs and bear fruit with a...

Who Wants to See Trash? photo

After the Credits: Why would you want to see trash?

Earlier this week, I finally posted my review of A Woman and War, a film that I saw several weeks ago and have been stewing over ever since. Here on Flixist, it got the reaction I was hoping for: "Nope." Even Matty Shoestring, who wrote fa...

Rurouni Kenshin Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: Rurouni Kenshin

I have all 28 volumes of the Rurouni Kenshin manga. When I hear the first few notes of "Freckles," I am suddenly returned to my childhood and I stay there until I've finish singing along. It's a special series to me, but for some reason I w...

Lesson of the Evil Review photo

NYAFF Review: Lesson of the Evil

Takashi Miike, who makes at least a dozen films a year, has been off making Samurai films and videogame adaptations instead of the blood-drenched thrillers he's known for, and people have been waiting for his return to that space. Well...

Second Worst

Japan Cuts Review: A Woman and War

It's hard to offend me. Really hard. For a while, I thought it might be almost impossible. Not even A Serbian Film offended me (though it greatly disturbed me). At last year's Japan Cuts, I found out I was wrong: I can be offended...

Thermae Romae Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: Thermae Romae

The plot of Thermae Romae sounds like it was born from a drunken night of playing Mad Libs: a bath house architect from Ancient Rome time travels to modern-day Japan where he becomes enthralled by the designs of contemporary bath houses, ba...

Story of Yonosuke Review photo

Japan Cuts Review: A Story of Yonosuke

A Story of Yonosuke clocks in at 160 minutes, which is a good chunk of time to spend with the title character and his friends. I stared that number down for a while and finally decided it was worth a go. I've sat through much, much longer m...

Japan Cuts 2013 photo

Japan Cuts 2013 finishes what NYAFF started

So, we've been in and out of the Walter Reade theater at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, seeing movies, talking to people, writing reviews, whatever for the 2013 New York Asian Film Festival, but after Thursday we will be saying goodbye...

Helter Skelter Review photo

NYAFF Review: Helter Skelter

It would seem to me that being a supermodel might actually be one of the most difficult jobs out there. It's not the photo shoots or the runway walks, both of which are probably harder than people give them credit for but not more difficult...


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