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'John Wick: Chapter Three' just got a release date

In an era of derivative, bland action movies, the John Wick series has been fighting against the tide with excellent fights, and minimal BS. While the second film was less well received than the series first outing, John Wick: Chapter ...


Point Break reboot in the making. Yes, really.

Okay, Warner Bros. This is getting out of control. First you have your sights on Beetlejuice, and while that makes me scared for my childhood favorite, at least that kind of makes sense. Beetlejuice was not just a popular movie, but really ...


Keanu Reeves reveals more about 47 Ronin

Keanu Reeves has been chatting about his 3D fantasy samurai epic 47 Ronin, despite the movie still being a year and a half away from its scheduled release on November 11th 2012. The story is based on a Japanese legend, treading the not-unfa...


Praise the Resurrection: Bill and Ted 3 script is written

Yes, friends and neighbors, that glorious Day we've all hoped for is finally come. After the events foretold by The Razak, many doubted that Messrs. Bill and Ted would find their resurrection at hand. As The Lord G-d spoke to Abraham, Alex ...


Bill and Ted plot details are totally excellent

The second I heard this upcoming news you are about to read I had to instantly make sure I had not gotten stuck in some time traveling phone booth and landing smack dab on April Fool's Day again. Sit down and prepare to be amazed: Bill S. P...


47 Ronin packing itself full of badasses

The 'samurai go on a quest for revenge after their master is unjustly taken from them' tale is as old as Mount Fuji, while Hollywood's attempts at capturing what makes Japanese culture so enticing for Western audiences also has a long histo...


Keanu Reeves to star in 3D samurai film, 47 Ronin

I think the only article we've seen about Keanu Reeves on Flixist so far has been the Community Blog Why Keanu Reeves Sucks. So what has he been up to lately? Aside from starring in two films (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and Henry's Crim...


Why Keanu Reeves Sucks

When was the last time you saw a really good Keanu Reeves movie? Think hard for a minute. Exactly my point, The Matrix (and maybe The Matrix: Reloaded if you're like me). For us that can't count that good or just plain don't remember, its b...


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Dark Waters"The Incredible Hulk vs Systemic Pollution"


Daniel Isn't Real"Daniel is real good"


Runaways (Season 3)"Not much running in this one"


Red Handed"Snake dancin' and kidnappin'"


Queen & Slim"Ride or die"


The Good Liar"Liar, liar"


White Snake"This one won't fit in your boot!"


21 Bridges"We've crossed this one before"


Varda by Agnes"A life's work, a final chat"




Harley Quinn (Season 1)"No subheading I think of will be as funny as this show"


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"A perfectly pleasant neighbor"


The Dwelling"The bed that doesn't eat"


Frozen 2"Thawing"


Ford v Ferrari"Car Wars"


10 Minutes Gone"Regrettably forgettable"


Recap: The Mandalorian (Season 1, Episode 1)"Star Wars, but with more shooting"


The Shed"It's actually about the vampire inside the shed"


Lady and the Tramp"Wait, this isn't a cash grab?"