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Clerks III is happening again

Kevin Smith seems like a new man. He's making a habit of revisiting old characters in the wake of his health scare back in 2018. Since then he has rebooted Jay and Silent Bob and it seems he has taken that creative energy and focused i...


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot tokes up its first trailer

The time has finally come. Iconic stoner duo Jay and Silent Bob will be returning to cinema this October in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. A meta-sequel poking fun at the recent trend of Hollywood rebooting everything, this latest installment ...


Cinema's greatest tandem is coming back for another film

It's been 17 years since Jay and Silent Bob had their feature film in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and now they'll be back for round two. During a Q&A, Kevin Smith announced the return of the dynamic duo in a film to be titled Jay &a...


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will begin filming this Fall

Kevin Smith has become a polarizing figure in recent years. The prolific director has crafted some excellent comedic films - Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats, Chasing Amy. The list goes on. On the other hand, Smith has missed the mark with several f...


Mallrats 2 is called MallBrats, seriously

Kevin Smith tweeted out earlier a screenshot of his completed first draft for Mallrats 2, in which was contained the movie's new title: MallBrats. Which, one: that's goddamn amazing. In my dreams, it's a prequel about Brodie and T.J. as bab...


Stan Lee teaches cameo school

Fair warning, this is very clearly an ad for Audi and Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it's pretty priceless. Stan Lee has been rocking the cameo since Marvel movies began and now he's teaching his craft to others. Usually these things aren't s...

Image from Yoga Hosers photo

First image from Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers debuts

The first promotional image for Kevin Smith's next project, Yoga Hosers, has been released, and if you've seen Tusk, it features some familiar faces. The store clerks from Eh-2-Zed are back and look as apathetic as ever, though apparently ...

Tusk Review photo

Review: Tusk

I have a long-standing history with Kevin Smith, dating back to high school when I first saw the erroneously named "Jersey Trilogy." When Red State came out in 2011, I was intrigued to see what Smith could do with both the horror genre...

Me and Kevin Smith photo

Views Askew: Growing Up on Kevin Smith

[Back in June 2012, we had Kevin Smith Week to celebrate his new Hulu show, Spoilers. What with his new movie Tusk hitting theaters this week, it felt apropos to repost the article, with a new entry for the new film.] Y'know, I don't e...

Tusk Trailer photo

First official trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk

Regardless of our opinions on Kevin Smith here at Flixist, we always seem to find ourselves talking about him. It's because he's managed to turn his few successes into a huge marketing juggernaut with the "Askewniverse," podcasts, comic bo...


Kevin Smith's holiday horror Anti-Klaus is happening

News coming out of Cannes is decidedly not the high end art film you'd expect: Kevin Smith's Anit-Klaus has gotten the go ahead with XYZ films shopping it around the festival for foreign distribution. The Christmas horror film is about...


Jay and Silent Bob show you their opening credits

I still haven't seen Red State, but in the past decade Kevin Smith has done almost absolutely nothing for me except for let me watch Rosario Dawson dance sexily and Danny Boyle just trumped him in that category by infinity. So it's with gr...


Trailer: Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie

Kevin Smith may not be able to figure out what the hell he's doing with the Clerks franchise, at least he's got an idea for Jay and Silent Bob. Well to be more precise, Jason Mewes has got the idea (since he's producing it himself). Fair w...


Kevin Smith considers Clerks sequel book rather than film

Kevin Smith has been mulling a Clerks sequel for a bit. At the end of 2012, it seemed like the only missing piece was Jeff Anderson (Randall) signing on. But then the project kept morphing, from a film, to a web series, to a Broadway show, ...


Kevin Smith to do Clerks III when Jeff Anderson signs on

With Kevin Smith's magnum opus Hit Somebody transitioning from a single movie, to two parts, to finally a television mini-series, he needs a final masterpiece before he retires. Kevin Smith has declared via Twitter (since he's pretty k...


Jay and Silent Bob are getting an animated film in 2013

That's right, good old Paul Revere Kevin Smith himself is set to release a Jay and Silent Bob animated feature next Spring! It's being produced by Jason Mewes (Jay, otherwise known as the Snoochie Boochies guy) and will most likely be ...


Mallrats and the Eternal Loser Mentality

Kevin Smith's new internet show Spoilers has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Perhaps it's because I'm a bit of a harsh critic at times, but not every movie deserves to be “revered.” Sometimes a movie is just bad, and as ...


Rethinking Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl wasn't a bad movie, it was just an unremarkable one despite some good scenes. It's sweet yet predictable, it's got a heart but not a distinct personality. You could switch out most of the cast with other rom-com actors of the ti...


Five reasons why Zack and Miri Make a Porno isn't so bad

When we first came up with the idea of doing a Kevin Smith week here at Flixist, the first thought that popped into my head was the film Zack & Miri Make a Porno. Here was a movie I remembered seeing in theaters and thoroughly enjoying,...


Welcome to Kevin Smith Week

With the launch of his new web showing, Spoilers, Kevin Smith has once again propelled himself into the spotlight with plenty of controversy, complaining and humor. The indie director has gone from being a darling of the indie scene to one ...


Kevin Smith starting anti-movie review web show

On June 4th, Kevin Smith is starting a Hulu web show called Spoilers, an anti-movie-review talk show featuring movie reviews (sort of). "We don't review movies, we revere movies," he specifies in another promo for Spoilers. Each half-hour ...


Clerks 3 may happen, would be a play

Kevin Smith recently announced his upcoming retirement, citing that he might make a Clerks 3 in the future if he has "something to say in [his] late 40s about being in [his] late 40s." He recently announced that he was very keen to the idea...


Kevin Smith to Hit Somebody with one movie, not two

Kevin Smith is screenwriting a hockey film called Hit Somebody. Apparently he had once planned to film the movie in two parts, presumably because the story is just that epic. Now Smith has been tweetering, twitterpated, on his Twitter (or w...


New Releases, week of 10/18/2011: "Kevin Smith" edition

I'm fairly certain my distaste for Kevin Smith is largely due to my sheep-like semi-frequent tendencies to drink which ever Kool-Aid the Internet Hate Machine is selling. I loved Clerks, LOVED Mallrats, appreciated (at the very least) Chasi...


Review: Red State

I've been hearing about Red State for years now. I remember fondly when the Weinstien’s turned it down a few years back. And now, the movie is out for all to see. Well, if you can make a screening that is. Kevin Smith has used R...


Kevin Smith's Hit Somebody to be a two parter

There are some kacak iddaa stories that you just couldn't contain in one film. Epic kacak bahis tales that bridge massive worlds and themes. Now a new story comes along that cannot be confined to the running time of illegal bahis a single f...


Talking Clerks and comics w/ actor Brian O'Halloran

Few have said the words “I'm not even supposed to be here today,” with as much gravitas and humor as actor Brian O’Halloran did in the seminal, cult classic Clerks.It’s a fitting quote for my interview with O’...


Red State: New trailer, new poster, and more!

Morning! Hope you've had your coffee, because we've got a big update on Kevin Smith's Red State. /Film reported that the kinda/kinda not self distributed title will be getting a theatrical release here in Los Angeles, making the movie ...


SDCC 11: A conversation with William Shatner

William Shatner recently created a documentary called The Captains, in which he interviews several previous Star Trek captains about the impact of the show on their lives and what they've been doing since. William Shatner is not exactl...


Kevin Smith talks some more, says Red State coming to VOD

Kevin Smith’s Red State has been somewhat of a polarizing film, what with the whole Sundance fiasco and its “revolutionary” take on distribution. Now the director has announced the next phase of his master plan on his podc...


Kevin Smith's Hit Somebody details

For some time now there has been buzz about Kevin Smith's post Red State project, Hit Somebody. Based on a Warren Zevon song about a hockey goon who wants to score a goal, Hit Somebody seems to be a natural fit for a director who loves the ...


Affleck, Damon and Smith to reunite like old times.

Dark Horizons is reporting that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will be in Kevin Smith’s last movie, Hit Somebody. Affleck had this to say about the role, “They're all coming back. It's like The Muppet Movie. You've got your core cast, and ...


[Updated] Kevin Smith buys his own movie

Update: There's a YouTube video up that has Kevin's full Sundance speech. It's worth checking out, but it's 26 minutes long. Check it out after the break. Also, Vulture has Kevin's full two hour self defense essay he wrote out on Twitter t...


Trailer: Red State

  Did Kevin Smith go and reinvent himself in between Twitter rants? The trailer for his upcoming horror movie, featuring a murderous Fred Phelps stand-in, doesn’t show much, but it’s atmospheric and creepy. Granted, a voiceover talki...


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