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Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Luc Besson may not be a household name, but ask any fan of film who he is and you’ll be swept into a drawn-out lauding of his movies. Besson directed both The Fifth Element and Leon: The Professional, both of which found huge critical...

Brick Mansions Review photo

Review: Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions is a complete surprise. I had no prior knowledge of it going in (didn't know it was a remake of the French film, District 13), and decided to finally see it when one of the trailers managed to grab my attention. I had complet...

3 Days to Kill Review photo

Review: 3 Days to Kill

3 Days to Kill is oddly complicated, and it has the potential to lose people right from the start. To understand this review you will have to keep that in mind, as what the movie appears to be and what the actual movie is are two total...


See The Family early and free

Luc Benson directs Robert DeNiro as a gangster. You're in, right? Well, he's actually an ex-gangster and Michelle Pfieffer is there and there's a lot dark comedy going on. Oh, you're more in now? OK, then grab a pass to The Family for ...


Trailer: The Family

In Luc Besson's The Family, Robert DeNiro returns to one of his best forms - a mobster trying to stay out of trouble, and failing. The movie centers around DeNiro's character and his tough-as-nails family; his wife played by Michelle Pfeif...


Review: Taken 2

I don't normally go on Rotten Tomatoes before seeing a movie, especially one I'm reviewing. But sometimes, it's inescapable. The lower the score on RT, the more people are going to talk about it (especially when one works at a movie theater...


Review: The Lady

Monday night, there was a special screening of The Lady in Washington DC. The film is a biopic of political leader and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in attendance, as were director Luc ...


Lockout wallpapers courtesy of Flixist

Don't you hate it when you can't find any quality desktop wallpapers for a film you're really looking forward to? You only find, like, a poster or sometimes just a pitiful thumbnail image because the PR team handling the movie is severely u...


Trailer: MS One- Maximum Security

This is the same movie as Lockout, which we posted a trailer for last week, and let me tell you, this one is a lot better. You get a much better sense of the plot, the action, and of Guy Pearce's character, which is throwing me a snarkier ...


Universal picks up Luc Besson's next sci-fi thriller

So, it's awesome that Luc Besson is making a return to sci-fi. After years of waiting for something in the vein of The Fifth Element or The Professional, Besson is coming out with not one, but two sci-fi films. His latest, Lockout, we repor...


Not sure if I want the American B13

Failing to make a box office ripple stateside, the Luc Besson produced flicks District B13 and D13-U are to be forgiven for their absurd letter and numbering systems. They're of a precious few spectacles putting emphasis on action rather th...


Trailer: A Monster in Paris

So, I was wondering throughout the years where the creativity and imagination that went into making The Fifth Element had gone to, and now I find that Luc Besson is producing this incredibly inspired and wistful film called A Monster in Pa...


Review: Colombiana

Anne Parillaud, Natalie Portman, Milla Jovovich. All of these women exploded onto the scene, giving their finest performances under the guidance of director Luc Besson, each becoming a muse for the Action auteur. Where they would be without...


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