Henry Cavill is actually not done with the Superman role yet

Everything is looking up for DCEU fans. After news of Justice League getting its Snyder Cut and Suicide Squad possibly getting an Ayer Cut, it appears as if former Superman star Henry Cavill will be returning to the role. In a report from D...


Scandal finds new streaming home on Hulu

The popular ABC series Scandal will be finding a new home on Hulu in the near future. Starting May 20, Netflix will lose the rights to the primetime political drama and all 124 episodes (which makes up around seven season) will be placed on...


National Tresure is being adapted into a series for Disney+

The lack of an Indiana Jones film in our lives may soon be rectified. In an interview with Collider about his new Starz series Hightown, producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that everything is in motion for him to produce a TV series based o...


AMC isn't planning to reopen until Mulan and Tenet release

AMC Theaters announced yesterday that it doesn't intend to reopen its doors until the summer blockbuster season when films Mulan and Tenet release. Despite misguided politicians giving the okay to restart businesses in certain states as ear...


Lionsgate moving forward with Hunger Games prequel film

This one has certainly been a long time coming. Last year, Lionsgate began eyeing a potential Hunger Games prequel film after original author Suzanne Collins announced she was writing a new novel. Going by the name The Ballad of Songbirds a...


Warner Bros. delays The Batman by a few months, among others

In a not so surprising update, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Matt Reeves' The Batman will be getting hit with a delay. Originally slated for June 2021, the film is now eyeing an October 1, 2021, release date. That's not so bad, though it ...


Artemis Fowl takes flight on June 12

Those awaiting the film adaptation of Artemis Fowl won't have much longer to go. Disney has announced that it will be bringing this once theatrical bound release to Disney+ on June 12, 2020. In a statement given to press, director Kenneth B...


Agents of SHIELD's final season premieres on May 27

ABC has announced that the final season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will premiere on May 27, 2020. The news came from the official Twitter account for the show, giving us a quick clip to properly set the stage. Fans of Agent Carter will l...


The Cannes film festival is basically dead this year

Just last week, officials for the Cannes International Film Festival made an announcement that its event would either happen in person or not at all. The idea of hosting the festival digitally was so far removed from the picture, director T...


Disney delays both Soul and Raya by a few months

As with basically every other film currently in production, Disney has delayed both Pixar's Soul and its own Raya and the Last Dragon by a few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Soul was originally scheduled for a June release, but it ...


Disney+ surpasses 50 million paid subscribers

Are you ready for me to point out the obvious? Well, too bad. Disney+ is successful. Shocker, I know, but the house of mouse is making bank off of its streaming service. Launched late last year in the US, the service has been rolling out to...


Against all odds, the Cats 'butthole cut' is actually real

Despite seeming too surreal to be true, it turns out that rumored "butthole cut" of Cats actually exists. In a new tell-all expose featured on the Daily Beast, sources close to the production (choosing to remain anonymous so they don't lose...


Tiger King to supposedly get an eighth episode next week

According to exotic animal owner Jeff Lowe, the hit Netflix documentary series Tiger King will be getting an eighth episode next week. Lowe, a wanted man in Las Vegas, is featured in the series and seemingly broke NDA to reveal this extra e...


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